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  • The Old Hardware Shop and Healthy Foods Online
    The Old Hardware Shop and Healthy Foods Online

    We received this PR release and are publishing it as is because if features a favourite of the ScouseVeggies: The Old Hardware Shop in Woolton Village. It is a vegan/veggie only cafe. If you haven't been, go visit.

    The aim of this article is to promote them and specifically another Liverpool business: Healthy Foods Online.

  • Pregnancy | Expectations and Reality
    Pregnancy | Expectations and Reality

       Before I got pregnant, and even during the first few weeks of pregnancy (before the sickness set in), I had lots and lots of expectations of how things would go. As with most things in life, everything turned out completely differently, and I thought it would be fun to share some of my somewhat … Continue reading Pregnancy | Expectations and Reality


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ScouseVeg is a social and campaigning group for vegetarians & vegans in or around Liverpool, Merseyside and the Wirral. We hold regular meetings - pub evenings, meals out, parties, pot luck suppers and other activities/events. The group is open to everyone of all ages, singles, couples, families. Something for everyone, and everyone is welcome!  
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