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For those who are not familiar: Scouseveg was founded by Niki O’Leary and her sister Jane back in 2001, the group is now run by Niki (now James) and her husband Pete.

Niki on the telly
In 2006 Channel 4 did a Liverpool week for Come Dine With Me (CDWM) and our Niki took part.

After her appearance – and the appearance of this website on the show we got swamped with emails and comments. Channel 4 and E4 regularly repeat the Liverpool week and we still get messages every time it is aired.

Watch Niki on the telly:

If the video is blocked where you are, watch below:

Update Sept 2008: Some sad news to report. Niki’s cat Toak, who was seen in the above episode, has sadly died. He was a very old and beautiful cat. He will be missed by all.

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REPOSTED: The recipes that Niki used for her vegan menu on Come Dine With Me:

Baked Avocado On A Bed Of Asparagus With Vegan Bacon In A Cream Sauce

Serves 5


  • 2 ripe avocados
  • 1 carton of soya cream
  • 1 pack of redwood’s vegan bacon
  • a medium sized bunch of asparagus


Set oven to its lowest setting.
Cut each avocado in half lengthways and remove the stone, place on a baking tray and gently warm the avocado in a low oven. While they are warming cut the vegan bacon into strips and gently fry it in a couple of tablespoons of vegetable oil.
Once the bacon is slightly crispy remove from pan and drain on kitchen paper.

Gently warm the soya cream in a pan and add the vegan bacon and mix well. Set to one side and lightly steam the asparagus until it’s cooked. It’s good to leave it fairly crunchy.

Once the asparagus is cooked, gently re-heat the soya cream and bacon mixture, take the avocados from the oven and place on a starter plate.
Fan the asparagus out over to one side of the plate and pour the soya cream mixture into each avocado.

Mashed Aubergine And Spinach Curry Served With Lemon Quinoa And Chapatti Bread

Serves 5


For the curry

  • 4 large aubergines
  • 1 large onion
  • 1 large bag of spinach
  • 3 tins of chopped plum tomatoes
  • 1 bunch of coriander
  • vegetable oil
  • 4 cloves of garlic


  • 2 tsp of ginger powder
  • 2 tsp of cumin powder
  • 2 tsp of garam masala powder
  • 1 tsp of turmeric powder
  • 1 tsp of chilli power
  • 1 tsp of mustard seeds


Preheat oven to 200°c
Gently fry the chopped onions in four tablespoons of oil, add the spices and stir well. Once the onions have softened, set the pan to one side.

Put some oil on a piece of kitchen paper and rub the aubergines all over, then prick them about three times with a fork, place on a baking tray and put in the oven on a high heat for about 30 mins. Check them after about 10 mins and turn them over until they’re slightly charred on the outside.

Take the aubergines from the oven and cut them down one side and take the tops off. Open them up and carefully scoop the flesh out and place in a bowl. Mash the flesh with a fork.
Now put the spice and onion mixture back on the hob and heat gently, add the mashed aubergine and stir well.

Wash the spinach, break it up into small pieces and add to the pan. Stir well then add your chopped tomatoes.
Leave for about 10 mins on a low heat then add your crushed garlic and coriander, stir well and gently heat for another 15 mins.

If possible leave the curry for a couple of hours to stand and reheat just before serving.

For the Quinoa


  • 1 pack of quinoa (a handful of quinoa per person plus one for good luck!)
  • 1 fresh lemon


Put the quinoa in a pan and add just enough boiling water to cover the grains.
Boil until translucent and simmer gently with the pan covered for about 5 mins.

Remove from the heat and leave the pan covered.
Add the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon and keep covered until serving time.

Once ready to serve scoop out with a drainer spoon to remove any excess water and serve immediately.

For the Chapatis

Remove chapati’s from the packet and gently heat each side over a gas flame. Keep turning them over until they slightly bubble, serve immediately.

Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Serves 5


  • 2 packs of silken tofu
  • 2 bars of Green and Black’s Maya Gold plain chocolate
  • Tia Maria (couple of lidfuls)


Empty the tofu into a large bowl, blend down with a hand blender and set to one side.
Gently melt the chocolate over the hob and then mix the melted chocolate into the tofu and carry on blending. Add your Tia Maria and blend in once more.

Once fully blended put in a bowl and leave to stand in the fridge for about an hour.

– – –


128 thoughts on “ScouseVeg TeeVee

  1. Hi Nikki and Jane,

    Look forward to watching your programme, Mum told me about it through Chris. Well done and great website.

    Take care.

    Nick (Margie’s son)

  2. Interesting watching you TV – not just for the food but for the other peoples reactions.

    I am not a vegan but have been eating much less meat and maybe heading that way more for dietary reasons more than ethical to be honest.

    You have got me thinking more though and and hope that has done the same for others..

    Also we need a vegatarian/vegan cookery programme on TV.

    All the best.


    ps did you you win? do I really have to wait till Friday?!

  3. Just watched Come Dine With Me. Wonderful to see a vegan cook on TV.
    Best wishes,
    (West Sussex)

  4. What a fab meal you prepared – off to try out lemon quinoa with a curry. It was one of our recipes that went so wrong yesterday (pear cake) – oh the shame 🙁 You did brilliantly though – lots of good info given out too 🙂

  5. Hi!
    Great to see vegan food on mainstream TV! Was great to watch and will be trying your curry recipe for sure! My son likes the sound of the pudd too!

  6. My brother rang me on Monday to tell me about Come Dine With Me, as he knows I’m always keen to learn about new vegan dishes. I’ve been really pleased to see how positive, cheerful and charming Niki comes across and what a good ambassador for veganism she is.

    The show has been informative about the vegan diet without being too biased towards meat-eaters, which isn’t always the case in the media. Today’s food at Niki’s dinner party looked absolutely gorgeous!

    Let’s hope it tempts more people to join a more compassionate way of living!

    All the best.


  7. Thought you came up with a excellent menu yesterday & will definitely try the curry with lemon quinoa ( use quinoa quite a lot as an alternative to pasta so interested in this combination)
    Good luck for friday !!

  8. Hi,
    Just wondered if you have an update on how ian is doing with his good intentions, and if you know whether he’s gone vegan? Certainly made me consider it.

  9. Could you please tell me who won yesterday’s Come Dine With Me? Was it the “cheeky” hairdresser or Caroline. Just as I was watching the end I had a visitor.

  10. Ha, really well done Niki. I have just watched the programme at 4.30 in the morning and the birds are singing away. I have only ever bought tofu about three times since I became vegan just last year and didn’t have a clue what to do with it. I will be down the shop tomorrow morning for a couple of packs to go with all the dark chocolate in my cupboard mmm. Will it work without the Tia Maria though?

    I think the website is one of the best and most informative I have ever seen and will be signing up. Thanks for all the hard work you guys have put in.

  11. Hey just seen Come Dine With Me, and there’s no way that dude went Vegan for any reason other than to get off with Nicky!!!

  12. just seen come dine with me on more4. I think the epidsode is over a year ago now but would like to know if Ian stuck with his plan to go Vegan. I also suspect his reasons were to get Nicky

  13. Hello, you where great on that show! 😀

    But I want to know where you got those purple shoes from? And are they vegan? Hehee ^_^


  14. Hi Everyone,

    Congratulations on the website. It is really good. I am Ian from ‘Come Dine With Me’ and good friend of Niki’s. I live in Spain now and whilst I have not given up dairy products completely. I have massively cut back on using them.

    I have attended a few Vegan Food Fayres that Niki has run and have been continually impressed at the quality of the food that people produce there.

    Once again, congratulations on your website and warmest best wishes to you all.



    1. I thought you were great Ian…well done! Just watching this one again right now on more4! Loved the vodka jelly X Also, good luck in Spain

  15. Hi, I watched CDWM yesterday afternoon (sad to say, it’s my guilty pleasure, and favourite programme!). I have been vegetarian for 20 years, and briefly vegan in the past. A few years ago I began eating fish occasionally, but gave that up again a few weeks ago. Watching Nikki on CDWM re-opened my eyes, and although I’m not a big dairy fan anyway, (but I lurve cheese!) I haven’t stopped thinking about the responsibility we have to vulnerable animals, and the cruelty involved in intensive farming. Now I am seriously thinking about what I eat, and definitely aiming for a vegan lifestyle. I invested in some “Cheezly” today – YUK! – I will definitely miss cheese!!!! But wasn’t at all disappointed at missing out on the digestive biscuits at work! And in fact, didn’t want to eat them, as I was thinking about how some of the ingredients got into them. Nice one, Nikki.

  16. Repeat of last August’s Come dine with me shown last week which I saw with Niki on. I have been a vegetarian for some time now but am now leaning towards becoming a vegan and Niki, being an excellent ‘ambassador’ for veganism, surely is an inspiration!

    Thank you and best wishes, Sue

  17. I was inspired to become a vegan too after watching the first airing of Come Dine with Me. It was great watching again last week as it reminded me of how far I had come since then. Thanks

  18. hi nikki, yours was definatly the best cdwm, i wondered if there was chemistry with ian and your self. hope thet does not offend any one. you were all wonderful. it s the best thing i have ever watched for ages. i thought you all clicked very well. but the real star had to be terry, i really fancy one of those pancakes. there is no doubt about it though nikki, everyone watching without exeption will have given much more thought to the process, you came across so well and all the best to you all. if am honest i had a real soft spot for ian too. great job and conscience pricked. beverley mc preston.

  19. I am very disappointed with the new series of Come Dine With Me. It only has 4 contestants and is crammed into an hour slot. Not long enough in my opinion!!! The previous format I loved, and have watched all the repeats time and time again. I liked the way we were able to see the ingredients being bought and watch how the food was prepared. They have even changed the introduction music. Why?

  20. Ive tried several times to post a comment, i hope this works.
    Im not veggie or vegan. But i have to say. Nikki you are gorgeous

  21. Hi, Iv’e just made the Curry that Niki made on Come Dine with me, its fantastic. My girlfreind didnt realise that it was veggie. I’m well impressed. There could be a future in this for me. Thanks – Paul –

  22. gorgeous woman and lovely food… going to try the different options available.

    go nicky


  23. Hi Nicky – was just watching a repeat of comedine with me and i must admit i am a meat eater but it makes me feel incredibly guilty and a bit of a hypocrite as i am an animal lover the problem i have is finding an alternative that i can enjoy, im not a big tofu or soya fan so find that my options are limited. Can you help at all? I think i may try to become a vegetarian rather than a vegan, baby steps to begin with. Also would love to know if Ian kept to his vegan promise?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Shannon xxx

  24. Saw come dine with me – inspired to try the curry and find out more about vegan life as havent really found out about the welfare of animals

    Thanks Nikki 🙂

  25. What I don’t understand is why are animals made of meat if we are not supposed to eat them?
    I must admit though, I did warm to Niki on that programme – she could make me a curry any time she wants ;o)

  26. Hi, I loved the show, and my family loved the curry,Also I was very impressed with your charts relating to Vegetarian food info, I have become a veggie and my children and thought the wall charts could help me a great deal, where did you get them, and Well done for getting the message out there

  27. Hi Sharon,

    Niki did come across brilliantly, I am very proud my of my sister and her curries are fantastic.

    If you contact The Vegetarian Society on 0161 925 2000 as they produce the wall charts.


    Jane O’Leary

  28. I’m watching Niki right now! I love your lounge…so bright. I’m going to try your curry this weekend!

    Sorry to hear about your cat. 🙂

  29. Hey Niki!

    Just wanted to say you are one sexy vegan, and i have used your curry recipe, unfortunatly i did use some organic free range chicken in it, but it was delicious!

  30. Hi Niki

    You did the vegan cause proud. We’ve just watched your video.


  31. Hi Nicki

    I thought that you were excellent on Come Dine with Me and I thought that your food looked delicious. I am glad that you cooked with Qunioa as it is an under rated food.

    Well done and all the best with your website.


  32. Couldn’t be a better advocate for veganism…… Your food on, ‘Come Dine With Me’ (saw the re-run) looked sensational, bet it tasted so too!!

  33. This episode was aired again today, you did a great job well done! Your food looked delicious and we will certainly be trying out your recipes!

    You are a great advocate for veganism, and I shall be adding this informative site to my favourites list 🙂


  34. I really enjoyed the rerun of the Come Dine with Me. Poor old Ian, he was like a love sick puppy:)

    Not that he can be blamed. The firey haired godess was glowing in all her glory!

    Keep up the good work kids.


  35. Hi Niki
    just watched CDWM and noticed you used Green & Blacks chocolate in your recipe however this is not a vegan chocolate; it only states suitable for vegetarians. My sister is a vegan and wont touch it. just had to point that out as the programme portrays you as a strict vegan.

  36. Michele, I just wanted to point out that only fairly recently has the vegan label been removed from Green and Blacks chocolate. The non-milk chocolate varieties do not contain any animal ingredients, however they are produced on the same production line as the milk chocolate variety.
    Therefore for allergen reasons they relucantly removed the vegan label from all of their chocolate.
    Even at that, I have a strong suspicion that when this CDWM episode was made the G&B chocolate did still display the Vegan label.

  37. I agree with Ray – good show Nikki! However, I was surprised there was no protein in your meals (apart from the tofu in the pudding). No lentils, nuts or soya products. Maybe a few red lentils could be aDDED TO YOUR CURRY? wELL, IT LOOKED GOOD ANYWAY AND EvERYONE ENJOYED IT. cAN’T UNDERSTAND WHY THAT POSH WOMAN ONLY GAVE YOU 5 AFTER SAYING IT WAS A LOVELY MEAL.PREJUDICED?
    p.s. 3 of my 4 grandchildren are vegan, the 4th is vegetarian.

  38. Hi Michele,

    thanks for your email, as laura pointed out at the time of making the programme Green and Blacks was vegan and has only changed its labeling quite recently.



  39. Hi Ann,

    in response to your comment i just wanted to point out that there was plenty of protein in the meal, the curry was served with quinoa which is a very high source of protein and all the vegetables also contain protein and the tofu. glad to hear your grandchildren are veggie and vegan :0) many thanks….x


  40. Hi Nikki,

    we made your curry following the C4 website instructions, but it came out badly wrong..

    Can you confirm that we use 3 tins of tomatoes, or just the one it seems you use on the TV?

    Also, how many onions should we use?


    Brian and Cathy from Burnley

  41. Enjoyed watching Nikki on Come Dine with me today ( still watching it now!)She does not typify vegans, and is a great advocate of her position. Well done, very interesting.

  42. Nikki,

    Just watched you on CDWM (still watching it now!!!)and I must say: Impressive and a very good advocate for Vegans, albeit I’m a Veggi. Just had a look through your website and again very impressive. This repeat programme is well timed espeacially as it is Veggi week:-)


  43. Hi Niki
    Just watched your programme – have been waiting for some decent food for ages! Can only say ‘Well Done’ & hope that the impact that you had on Ian spread further afield !! I’m a vegan living in France & make it my mission to do what you did in the programme! It’s a great challenge here, as you can imagine, but I hold a ‘World Vegan Day’ here every November & you & your friends are most welcome to join me (as my guests) this year.
    Will be in touch.
    Hilary x

  44. I was so pleased to see Nicki on Come Dine with Me, i was a Vegan before i had my baby then went vegetarian, after listening to Nicki i turned back to Vegan!

    Thanks Nicki

    Keep up the good work

  45. Hi Nikki just wanted to let u know i watched u on come dine with me today the 17th May 2009,it was brill,and Ian going vegan on tele like he did,fantastic news,well done to you.My daughter nikki is vegan,im just in the process of going vegan,since going veggie ive losed weight,feel heathier,and the main thing i have no guilt about eating animals anymore.Been veggie 2 years,and at 58 i think i need to pat myself on the back,should of done it years ago.Well done to you nikki,regards Jayne xx

  46. Hi Niki, I rarely watch telly but I happened to catch you on Come Dine… great work! I’m especially pleased to find this site as I’ve been vegan for 20 years and am always on the lookout for somewhere to go when I visit family in Warrington. I’m also recording a carbon neutral album, with all the participants fueled by vegan food. You may also be interested to hear that, although technically asthmatic, I haven’t used my inhalers for ten years now!
    All the best, Andrew

  47. wow!!! a vegan on cdwm!!! excellent, ive been wanting 2 do it for ages but thought i would just make a fool of myself. I think nikki was a fantastic ambassador for veganism, and hope that it made loads of people think!

    Well done! 😀

    Lee xxx

  48. Just saw the “Dine with me” show on tv yesterday and…I’m sorry but I don’t understand your “so-called vegan” mentality.
    You allow your cat to eat meat cause he can’t tell you his opinion about being vegan or not but you said if you had kids you would turn them into vegan. Regardless of them having an opinion of their own and being able to communicate with you?
    What about the cow who’s milk was used to make the Green & Black chocolate you used in your supposed “vegan pudding”? Did she tell you she was no distressed when she was milked so you can happily eat the chocolate?

  49. Hi Nikki, I really enjoyed the CDWM show on which you appeared recently. Well done! I’ve been thinking about going vegetarian for a while, but it’s hard to know how to change your diet so radically and still get all the nourishment you need. Can you recommend a book to help the switch from meat to veg?
    I’m so used to having a sandwich for brunch and meat and 2 veg in the evening that it’ll take some doing, I think, but this evening we had a lovely meal of fried eggplant slices, onions and layers of a sauce made from muxing peccarino cheese and ricotta,and an egg with a little bit of fresh yoghurt with a tomato sauce in the middle {courtesy Jamie Oliver) and it took only 35 mins to cook in a shallow oven dish at gas mark 6. Delicious! Also got some sya milk in and found that it is also very tasty. Thanks for giving us the nudge to try out veggie food. Going vegan could take a bit longer! It was really interesting to discover how dairy milk is obtained. why do chickens keep laying eggs? is that what they “naturally” do? All the best, John.

  50. it was so nice to see 5 people get on so well with each without all the backbiting. the recipes were great too.

  51. Re Kool Kaz
    Green & Black’s DARK chocolate does not contain milk I am a veggie with a dairy allergy and live on Green & Black’s dark chocolate.
    Great show Nikki are you still in touch with the others and is Ian still dairy free

  52. Hi Niki seen your curry on (Come dine with me)it looked very nice was one of the best shows i’ve watched, are u all still friends? if ide of won the money i whould of took u all out for a good night on the town or maybe a vegan restuarant hehe . take care an keep it up you really showed that meals can be nice without meat.

  53. Loved Come Dine With Me and thanks for clearing up the Green & Blacks’ issue because I was wondering. I am growing aubergine and will try Nikki’s curry. Nice site. x

  54. Hello,
    Just watched come dine with me on re-runs. Well done Nikki, what an inspiration!!! Was wondering where the food planners were from… Im trying to convert my boyfriend – he is semi-vegan (as in I wont cook meat so he goes without! HA).

    Many thanks!!

  55. Hiya Niki – Since CDWM doesn’t seem to have made it onto Aussie telly yet we have finally watched your star appearance via scouse veg. Well done, you were great, and what better way to get people thinking about what they eat then by serving them top food. Loved how you got Mattas in there too! Nice one…and congrats to your equally media savvy dad & sis for the radio interviews too!

  56. Hi Niki, i just watched your CDWM episodes & as a fellow vegan just wanted to thank you for how brilliantly you came across! Normally these programs will have a “token veggie” that will be a total extremist, sandal-wearing, nutcase that tries to force their opinions down others throats, but you managed to get our point across so that people know what happens to the animals they eat, without being forceful or overly zealous at all. You absolutely should have won! And i also wanted to thank you for enlightening me to the fact that some wines use animal leftovers as ingredients!! Im sticking to the whisky from now on 🙂 well done and thanks again 🙂

  57. Hi Niki,
    just seen the come dine with me episode.
    Did the guy stick to his Vegan conversion?
    I’ve been Vegan now for 2 plus years,and now find I don’t have to think too much about it like I did at the start.
    Hope you are well take care Clovis, ps are you single? you are really attractive to me.

  58. Just watching this show now. Niki you’re a real babe and such a sweet personality.

    Loved the shows *come dine* only disappointment was the cat FOOD. do excellent pet foods including cats with all the neccessary requirements. Ours have been vegan for four years, one from kitten and one from 6 years old.

    Real pleasure to watch.



  59. It was nice to see a normal veggie/vegan on Come Dine. Usually they have someone really argumentative or just plain weird. Gonna have to try your curry it looked delicious.

    All the best.

  60. hi… i am not here to judge as i am open minded. i am also a 22yr old dairy farmer, we have a small farm and i have to say that all our cows are looked after and loved. i am a great believer in animal welfare and although i do eat meat i will only eat meat that i know the source of… making sure it has been rered in the nicest of onditions.

    it is nice to see someone speak out about there beliefs but i was dissapointed to see the can of cat food!! we have dogs on the farm but would never feed them canned meat as it is the cheapest and most probbly from foreign animals which have been cruelly kept and transported.

    hope you post this as i think like you everyone deserves their chance to speak out thank you
    emily xx

  61. I was so glad to see you, Nikki, on Come Dine With Me advocating veganism, and you did so brilliantly. I hope you converted many viewers and made people more aware of the suffering animals face. (:

  62. My hairdresser, who knows I am vegan and who has switched to soya milk so far and looks to be making bigger changes, told me that there was a vegan on a recent CDWM so I am currently watching the episodes on catch up TV – brilliant to see such calm and measured explanations of the diet and to see vegans portrayed as humans rather than oddballs!

    I’ve got to say though – that dress/skirt and top Niki wears at her dinner party is gorgeous – where did you get it???

  63. Nice to see the farmer opinion too. Ultimately even God allowed us to eat meat, though more as a punishment for our ways than anything else. So it’s true we should not get involved in judging people just because they eat meat. We SHOULD however be concentrating on the consequences to livestock and try to ensure they are raised and looked after properly before slaughter and all that entails.

    Not quite as black and white as we would like, but the best we have presently.

  64. Just watched the vegan Niki come dine with me again – this must be the 4 time now over the years, loved it, Ian’s announcement always brings on the tears but the reason I’m posting this is just to say that all those years on, the statements made still have an impact.

    There have been loads of vegans and veggies on CMWM but Niki is one of the few that spoke about her convictions and was taken seriously and made a difference.

    Well done.


  65. hey everybody,
    just watched what was probably the 20th re-run of cdwm 🙂
    i was nearly in tears at the end when ian announced he would cut back on dairy products … as i am very passionate about animal rights. i was thrilled with how nikki came across and extremely thankful for the fact that so many people were inspired by her. i love that show but died a little when that german woman threw a live crab into her soup 🙁 (i think that was another season of cdwm)
    anyways, onwards and upwards to all vegetarians and vegans!!!!!

  66. Hi all

    cheers for the fab comments :0) to answer a few of the above –

    AFOS top – i was and still am a huge AFOS fan, it all started when i was 12!! love that 1980’s top! :0)

    not sure God (if you believe in him) really did give us animals to eat, its a difficult one as the world is a very different place now.

    the skirt and top i have had for ages (still got it!!) :0) i think the top was from Livepool and the skirt a local clothes shop, go great together tho! :0)

    tried to feed toak on vegan cat food, he wouldnt eat it!! maybe to old i dont know :0( he is in pet heaven now.

    for the tomatoes try one can and add as you go on, the cheaper ones are more water based so be careful.

    Ian and i are the best of mates and we are in the process of writing our own vegan cook book :0)

    thank you again for your lovely comments and taking the time to vist the site…

    much love



  67. Hi Niki

    Yet another comment about your CDWM appearance( I saw it on a More 4 re-run a few days ago) – just to say well done and you came across brilliantly! I loved how you managed to get all the vegan messages in subtly too 🙂

    Sorry to hear about your lovely cat too 🙁

    All the best

  68. Hi Becky

    Ian didnt go 100% vegan but he is all into promoting it, he cooks at Studio 2 and does a yummy veggie and a vegan full english breakie :0)

    thanks for the last bit about my cat, he is in catty heaven looking after me :0)


  69. Hey
    I’m vegetarian but cook almost all meals at home vegan and when i have the choice i choose vegan when out.

    Anyway, i wanted to reoommand this great forum, its dead friendly, active and great place to learn about vegan food. Also has a few meet ups and random, fun and silly discussions. Not preachy at all, i’m open about eating chocolate and cheese on the odd occassion and very nice about it! Its made me stick to my longest stint of cooking mainly vegan recipes!

    By the way Nicki you have been mentioned a few times on there by us British members of the forum, we really appreiate your presentation of vegan food.

  70. Just saw you (well you are on as I type) on Come Dine With Me and searched you and found the site – I am going to really look again into becoming a veggie again as last time my lack of protein did me no favours but I reckon I can do it now 🙂

  71. Hi Niki

    Well yet another rerun, glad you’ve done well out of it and helped promoting veganisan, did you keep in contact with any of the others, I read you and Ian were writing a book hows it going?

    We also have a black cat and are sorry to hear about your moggie.

    All the best and may they keep repeating CDWM.

  72. Hi Niki,

    Used to work with you at Cairos in Swindon – years back! Great to see you’re doing well, still as lovely and smiling as ever!

    You’ve done a great job promoting Vegan cooking and opening a lot of peoples eyes to thinking about what they eat – well done!

    Take care.

    Sarah x

    PS: Great website and I’m definitely going to try the curry!

  73. Hi, Niki

    First off, so sorry to hear about your cat.

    Secondly, I have to say I am neither a vegetarian nor a vegan, but have no argument with adults who choose to be either. I saw the rebroadcast of your CDWM yesterday and was delighted to hear that your cat was fed on a natural feline diet.

    However, I was appalled to hear you state that, whilst giving your cat a natural diet, you would bring up any child as a vegan on the basis that cats (and presumably dogs) have no choice. I must point out that a child has no choice either, but is ‘at the mercy’ of its parent’s/carer’s choice, and no child should be reared on a vegetarian or vegan diet. Should a child opt for that choice at a responsible age, well and good, but no way should veganism or vegetarianism be imposed before that.

    I have to point out that humans are naturally omnivores, not vegetarians, and as such no exclusion of meat etc should be imposed, any more than it should be on a cat.


    1. Just in case anyone reads the old comments, I don’t agree with what Elizabeth says! why is it ok to bring up a child on a meat diet but not a vegan one, the same argument that she uses can also be used and we could ask, do we have the right to impose our views as a meat eater! unfortunately people can be very narrow minded and think what is the norm for them must be the right way!

      cheers Niki x

    2. Hi. I also am not a veggie or vegan, How ever my 2 sons both are and started this at the age of 12 and 15.. their choice. I also have friends who are and have had children and brought the up vegan. They did hit the age where they can choose for themselves and hit the meat and diary. They soon reverted back to veganism after a short while. I say I’m not a veggie or vegan but to be fair I’m not a massive meat/dairy fan either.
      Each to their own.

  74. Hi Elizabeth,

    many thanks for your email and i would like to pick up on some of your points, firstly i did try my cat on a vegan diet (vegan dry cat food) but he didnt like it so i had to opt for his natural diet, you do have to be carfeful as cats need somethign which is in meat unlike humans who can live on a veggie and vegan diet perfectly. with regard to children, i presume as a meat eater you would bring your kids up eating meat (as thats your norm) so in a sense you are imposing your views on your children, as a parent thats the choice you have to make so of course any vegan parent would bring up thier childe that way, its normal. then when they come to an age they can choose to eat dairy/meat etc.



  75. Hi all,

    thank you all for your lovely comments :0)

    OMG sarah, the old cloakrooms days in Swindon, is carios still there?? :0)

    cheers for the forum, wil check it out!

    Ian and i are best buddies now and we hosted a veggie vegan night at Studio 2 (he is the chef there) and the food was amazing!!

    mucho love



  76. Hey Niki. I just saw your CDWM on the re-runs (OK I know its 4 years old now lol) .I am not a veggie or vegan but felt compelled to look into things a bit more after some of the things you said…..very intriguing and thought provoking and your menu was awesome…..and well received too, I thought. Just wanted to say you actually make a difference and get people thinking, so, well done on that front. Sorry to hear about your cat. Oh, and you prove that real redheads rock, hard!!……Sooo gorgeous!!! 🙂 Cheers.

  77. Hello,

    I just wanted to congratulate Nikki for holding her own so brilliantly on the show. As a long term vegan myself I was really pleased to hear that a vegan would be on this week but pretty quickly after started to worry because I knew that this vegan ‘just couldn’t blow it’… but you didn’t and I was really, really chuffed, as was my husband. So well done lovely Nikki, you did good and I’m sure all the other vegans / veggies who caught the show will think the same. You were lovely and peaceful and smart on every note. I hope it was an easy experience for you and that the fish guy didn’t give you too much of a grilling off camera.
    By the way I was a BBC producer for 7 years and now I run my own company – we make films for animal charities and organisations connected to the natural world. Check us out here: Our face book group is here: oh and we recently produced a feature documentary solely abut veganism here: I hope you like it.
    All the best and well done again, you were and are so fab, Ella

  78. Hi i watched you on come dine me me earlier, and i felt compelled to email you. I have been a vegetarian for 18 years.I love cheese and didn’t know about the milk and everything else. I am going to have a try with the vegan diet from now on. Thank you for showing everyone how to cook fab meals and to open our eyes to the barbaric ways the animals are treated.
    Any tips?
    Cheers Anna

  79. Hi there
    I regularly watch the repeats of Come Dine with Me as I’ve only recently discovered the show.
    I was especially keen to see the vegan menu and have to say I enjoyed it very much.
    Good to see a caring, compassionate lifestyle shown on a show with so much raw meat which is really unpleasant to see.
    Thought Niki was a little condescended too by the others especially when they described her as ‘The vegan’.
    Still, a good opportunity to promote the cause. Well done.

  80. We watched the episode on TV and because of that, my husband went vegetarian for a week. I was so happy! Unfortunately he will never be a vegetarian or vegan but he liked some meals. 🙂

  81. I’ve cooked your delicious curry many times now but when I first started making it, I had a few disasters as I kept forgetting whether or not to include the tinned tomato JUICE or not.

    You don’t include the juice. I know now….and when I did, it really spoiled your beautiful curry!

    Still scoffed it, mind.

  82. hi
    i absolutely luv your episode of come dine with me.with much thought and consideration i am now in the process of becomming a vegitarian.i had thought about it but after watching your episode it game me the incentive to try it .i hope to stick to it.
    i adore handbags and accessories and am delited that you can get vegan oness. i never knew that until i read about it in the website.

  83. Bright blessings to you
    My mother watched come dine with me and told me about you and your pets i thought this may interest you
    I too am a strict Vegan i feed my dog on this food and she loves it : )
    peace and Love xxx

  84. Dear nikki
    Having just watched your episode of CDWM I wanted to say how much of an impact you have had on me. After listening to some of your comments I decided to start looking into vegan ethics and beliefs and some of the literature I read not only moved me to tears but also made me physically ill. It has made me re-evaluate my beliefs and the kind of life I want to live.
    Well I’m happy to say I have signed a gold pledge today with the vegan society to eat a vegan diet for a month with the help of a mentor and I have also
    just ordered my first 2 vegan cookbooks this evening (any further recommendations would be great!)
    Well just wanted to say thank you very much, you helped to open my eyes x

  85. Hi all,

    thank you all so much for your lovely comments!! sarah – great news on the vegan pledge, my advice would be keep trying lots of different foods and recipes, dont be put off by negative comments from people, read as much animal related stuff as you can, knowledge is power!!! and keep happy safe in the knowledge that your making a difference :0)

    mucho love Niki x

  86. Dear Niki,

    I watched you for the first time this week, as CDWM was repeated yet again – I had no idea about this particular episode and was delighted to see a fellow animal loving vegan on the show. I’m also passionate about Indian food so I was chuffed that you chose an Indian themed dish for your main!

    You are also a superb advertisement for anyone who is considering going vegan – you look radiant, healthy and positively gorgeous! So sorry to hear about your beautiful cat though 🙁

    Stay well and keep on keeping on,
    from Ireland!

  87. Hi Niki

    I am veggie and have cooked your curry on many occasions. After watching the recording I gave up dairy too! you’re a real inspiration

    Thanks again


  88. hi nikki………just saw you on more 4 tonight and thought first of all that i liked the selection for the menu. . . . . .but most of all i thought wow i never thought vegans were so beautiful. I always thought that a vegan was a miserable boring person that was no fun at all but when i listen to you and how good you look i thought. . . . .. . .. Wow she looks amazing plus she has a good brain too. Can you recommend any good vegan cook books and how or what i would have to do to live like this? Bruce xx

  89. Just watched the episode repeated. Great stuff. Would come round yours for a vegan feast anytime. Defo trying that starter this week. You should of won. The dishes looked awesome. You came across really well too despite the unfunny narration at times. Keep up the good work.

  90. Hi all,

    Thanks for all your lovely comments, didnt realise it was on repeat again yesterday until i got a text from a friends saying they were watching me on tv, again!! :0) cant believe it was back in 2006!!! OMG! myself and Ian are still mates and i’m waiting for my belated birthday vegan dinner party from him! the rabbits are long gone now and sadly my lovely cat toak passed away but at least i have him on TV! :0) i have another rescue cat called Timmy (big ginger tomcat) and i did have a homeless hamster for a while who had his own room! i’m still spreading the vegan message, still smiling and still eating far too many curries!! by the way if you make the choc mousse dont use green and blacks as its not vegan anymore, use the sweet william range or another dairy free chocolate and a splash of soya cream! Niki xx

  91. Hi Niki
    I watched you come din with me ,at my frands
    YOU was so lovely and so much like me
    I would love to hear from you soon
    Love and many Hugs
    Love and Light


  92. Hi Niki

    Congratulations on a great website, loads of info to get me started. I’ve just watched you on come dine with me, I think you are an inspiration to anyone who is thinking of changing from a meat eater to a veggie or vegan. I have been a veggie for 20 years and have thought lots about becoming vegan, after watching you I really can’t see a reason why I shouldn’t be. You are my heroine, thank you. Can’t wait to try the curry 🙂

    Take care
    Melanie X

  93. OMG! I just wrote a long comment and, because I forgot to put in my email address, I was sent back to it all gone. Sorry I just can’t write it all again…but it was all good!

  94. I just watched Niki in Come Dine With Me and am wholly impressed. I think that she is brave to take on such dedicated meat eaters and do well at it. They really liked the curry. If vegetarians and vegans are going to take this thing forward then that’s how to do it.

  95. Hi just wanted to say that I have just been watching the come dine on tv and wanted to say it was the best ever and to congratulate and support your work. In educating people I have been a vegetarian for many years and am now after hearing the conversation about milk produce on the programme wanting to know more about a balanced vegan diet. …I also realise the come dine tv show was first aired 2006 and can only say it is great that more people may be triggered into exploring a meat and dairy free diet….did Ian go dairy free !

  96. hi Niki, i remember watching the CDWM and trying the curry the following weekend and I have just come back for the recipe to try it again, I have cooked it a few times and it’s always delicious, we are having some friends round at the weekend so they are going to get to experience it for the first time


  97. I’m going to make your curry tonight Niki. My wife watched come dine with me and was impressed and as I’m looking for the perfect vetetarian curry I thought I’d give it a go. We are both vegetarian sousers living in Bromley Kent.

  98. I made this curry but I’m sure 3 tins tomatoes is too much, I put 2 in and feel one would have been better, in the video it states Niki put one tin tomatoes in, bit confusing, also it states a bunch of corriander, I put quite a lot in and it seemed to over power the curry, I’ll try it again next time one tin and less corriander see if that makes a difference.

  99. New Years Eve 2020 and what better way to spend a few hours than watching “Come Dine With Me” and that’s how I found this website. You’re a beautiful woman Niki and congrats on getting married.
    A great representative for Vegans. Best of luck with everything.

  100. Hello Niki,

    I’m unsure if this website is still in use as I could find any recent comments but I’m currently not active on social media, so hopefully you’ll see this message.

    Your episode of Come Dine with Me is one of my favourite episodes and I was fascinated by how much the others enjoyed your curry, that I instantly printed a copy of your recipe a few years ago.

    Although I’m not a vegan or vegetarian, I was intrigued by the curry but unfortunately I’ve only just tried making it now. I’ve completely embraced vegan January (something my vegan flat ate is happy about) and made some truly delicious meals. Ive even learnt to make vegan mayonnaise! However, I found your recipe again and I made the curry tonight. Although it was tasty, I definitely went wrong somewhere…the spices were not coming through as the tomatoes were overpowering. I found Scouseveg and rewatched the episode. The commentator said you put in one tin tomato and two onions. Is that what I should have done? And then I saw an old comment where someone mentioned not putting in the tomato juice…please help. Would like to try again

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