100% dairy-free cheese in Tesco

Bute Island Food - 100% dairy free cheese in Tesco

Some news from Bute Island Foods, one of the co-sponsors of ScouseVeg:

Greetings from Bute Island Foods πŸ™‚ !

We thought you might be interested to hear some exciting news….

We are delighted to now be manufacturing a range of cheese alternatives for Tesco as part of their newly extended Free From products.
Look out for the new Soya Mild & Soya Medium cheese that really melts, and 4 types of Creamy cheese spreads including the new Sweet Chilli style.
These products are also free from palm oil (made using Coconut Oil) & only contain Natural Flavours.

All the products in the Free From range are Dairy, Gluten & Wheat free and of course, all of the cheese alternatives are 100% Vegan.

The initial launch was on 20th Feb in 180 Tesco stores nationwide (please see the attached list for details) and we understand that there will be a 3 for 2 promotion this week across the range.

We are really pleased that Tesco have recognised the need for alternative, allergy free products and we hope you will enjoy eating them!
Please let us know what you think and tell all your friends :-).

Best wishes from all the Bute Island Foods team.

» List of Tesco stores

5 thoughts on “100% dairy-free cheese in Tesco

  1. Surely this has not been posted as ‘good’ news? Tesco has a terrible track record for animal cruelty, (quite apart from the vast amount of meat and animal products they sell), and for one of your co-sponsors to be boasting about making a deal with them is frankly offensive.

  2. Adam, stop being moany, it’s a good thing they are going out of their way to make vegan alternatives to make your life easier.

  3. Adam dude, I do everything in my power as a Vegan but sadly if I could only buy from places that only sold and sourced Vegan, I’d be a grave man!

    Unfortunately, Tesco ASDA and the rest is just all stuff we all gotta do mate!

    I wouldn’t get so angry about it dude, coz animal products are everywhere man, at least we know we’re doin all we can (Y)

  4. An I’m gutted isn’t it coz they’re not sellin em in my TESCO in Runcorn…. damn it all haha

  5. Adam – we all know supermarkets are evil, murdering, wasteful, dominating assholes (with free parking) but having more vegan options available ANYWHERE is a good thing. Remember, it’s not just vegans who’ll be buying these foods, so not everyone who buys them is going to care about the whole live-turtles issues and all that stuff – but the fact is they help make vegan food more mainstream and accessible – which is ace! If I can tell my work mates they can get vegan cheese at the same time they do their shopping they’re way more likely to buy it than if it involves making a special trip, often to a different town. Etc etc etc etc etc. But it’s great that you care so much about animals! Let’s all be friends

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