Getting The Beers In – But What Are You Drinking ?

The next time you head to the bar to get the rounds in, take a moment to look at what you are ordering. Is your favourite pint suitable for vegetarians or vegans ?

Geriant Bevan took it upon himself to find out…

A list of suitable veggie of vegan friendly beers“Most beers, unfortunately, are not labelled as being suitable for vegetarians. Not content with the “ignorance is bliss” attitude that I suspect the brewers are trying to cultivate by not labelling their products, I have started creating a list of those which I am sure are vegetarian, i.e. do not contain animal products or use them in the production process. The evidence for my evaluation of each drink is also listed; references to e-mails link to the text of the reply that I have received from the brewery.”

You can view the full list which includes evidence of his exhaustive research HERE.
The list can be be sorted by name, suitability and source.

Follow up: You can nominate or vote for your favourite pint in the 2006 Vegetarian Society Awards.

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