L’Oreal Buy Out The Body Shop

Very alarming news – L’Oreal cosmetics have bought out the Body Shop chain.
From Reuters (selected text):

France’s L’Oreal is to buy The Body Shop in a “seductive” 652-million-pound ($1.14 billion) deal to unite the world’s top cosmetics group with the British ethically-sourced beauty product retailer….

The Body Shop, whose 2,000-outlets selling passion fruit body butter and bilberry hair de-tanglers began life in a small Brighton street 30 years ago, is 18 percent owned by its founder Anita Roddick and her husband Gordon. They will themselves net 118 million pounds from the deal, which looks certain to be accepted….

Roddick declared herself beguiled by the Gallic charm of L’Oreal’s negotiators:

“Let me tell you how the French seduce you,” Roddick told a news conference on Friday. “They are the most bloody seductive people on Earth. They are charming, they are well-mannered and they praise and flatter you.”

Further reading & comments:

From Naturewatch >

“Cosmetics giant L’Oreal has produced some shock news for the ethical-living world: it is taking over the Body Shop. Naturewatch has now responded by asking supporters to boycott the Body Shop. Naturewatch has been involved in a long-running campaign against L’Oreal. Although the company claims not to test their products on animals, the reality is that their ingredients are (still) being tested.”

Via Indymedia >

“Two possibilities arise from this. Either: a) Body Shop will become L’Oreal’s “ethical” brand, to tap into the lucrative liberal middle-class guilt market. b) Body Shop will quietly drop their “Against Animal Testing” commitments, and adopt instead the same weaselly “but we never test on animals any more than we need to” line that L’Oreal currently pitch.”

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