Veggie Holidays

You wouldn’t know it looking out of the window, but today [March 20th] is the 1st day of Spring. ( Although there is some dispute about the actual date.)

So have you started planning your summer hols yet ? No ?
Well here are some links and suggestions for the veggie/vegan traveller:

Edinburgh Guide > How about a trip to Scotland’s capital ? The Edinburgh Guide has a list of Vegetarian and Vegan restaurants, plus a link to accomodation.

Ireland> Or how about a trip on the ferry over to Ireland ? The Maps from Mars website has a Google Mapped page with bookmarks to Vegetarian & Vegan restaurants as well as some places to stay.

> Further into Europe and how about Barcelona ? is a Barca veggie website, which also has a very good forum, plus a resources page for the Catalonian city.

BootsnAll> Finally there is BootsnAll Travel a website that will help you find cheap flights/accomodation and ideas for other destinations.

One thought on “Veggie Holidays

  1. Alternatively, you could try a activity holiday in the UK exclusively for vegetarians and vegans. See our advert in the Vegan Magazine or call us on: 0845 505 1221… 😉

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