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From Monday May 22nd to Sunday May 28th it will be National Vegetarian Week.
From the NVW website »

” The fourteenth National Vegetarian Week aims to celebrate vegetarianism in it’s broadest sense and prompt media discussion on the topics of vegetarian food, health benefits, lifestyle and commitment.

The range of veggie food stuffs and products just keeps on growing, provision for vegetarians when dining out is getting better and better and people are taking much more of an interest in the food that they eat and how it is produced. As a result vegetarianism today is no longer seen as something cranky or hippy, but instead, very much part of the mainstream. Go into any supermarket in the UK and you will find aisle upon aisle stacked full of delicious veggie food products.

As well as an increasingly huge range of exotic fruit and vegetables on display, almost all supermarkets now have exclusively vegetarian freezer sections storing vegetarian sausages, bacon, burgers, mince, stir-fry pieces, fillets, pies and other meat alternatives. In fact becoming a vegetarian has never been easier, tastier or more nutritious. So if you’re looking for fresh ideas and some inspiration to take you forward towards a more compassionate lifestyle choice you are already in the right place.”

Picnic at Ness Gardens

The ScouseVeg social group will be celebrating by having a picnic on Saturday 27th at Ness Gardens. Everybody is invited. Contact us here or call Jane on 0151 933 1338 if you are thinking of going. » More info about the picnic.

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