Morrissey Speaks Out About The Oxford Animal Research Labs

Moz Mozza has spoken out about the controversy over the new animal research laboratory being built in Oxford. Whilst out on tour and playing the city he branded Oxford “the city of shame” and warning the builders of the lab that “we are going to get you.”

A selection of quotes taken from some newspapers:

Oxford Mail »

“Cult singer-songwriter Morrissey branded Oxford “the shame of England” in an attack on Oxford University’s controversial animal res- earch lab.

The pop star spoke out against the laboratory, being constructed in South Parks Road, during a show at the New Theatre.

The musician, a strict vegan and animal rights advocate, also issued a warning to anyone planning to work at the laboratory. “Make no mistake,” he told the audience at the packed theatre, “for anyone working in the labs, we are going to get you.”

Manchester Evening News »

“The comments were a reference to a £20m neuroscience centre being built in Oxford by its university. Work on the building had to be suspended for more than a year because the main contractor pulled out in the face of threats by extremists.

Speak, the anti-animal testing group invited to run a stall at the show, said later they supported Morrissey’s words . . . but said he was not talking about violence when he said “We are going to get you”.

“I suspect he was talking about exposing these people for what they do,” said a spokesman.”

» via Google News.

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