Manchester Moon Bear Rescue – Vegetarian Dinner & Talk

There will be a Manchester Vegetarian dinner and talk with Jill Robinson on the 28th of June at the Yang Sing Chinese restaurant. The event is also attended by comedian Dave Spikey.

a Moon BearJill, founder of Animals Asia, is over from China to talk about our rescue of Moon Bears from factory bile farms in China and Vietnam.

Thousands of endangered Moon Bears are imprisoned in tiny cages on factory bile farms across China and Vietnam. They are milked for their bile, through a rusting metal catheters inserted in to their gall bladders. The pain is unimaginable.

The bile is used in some traditional Chinese medicines even though herbal and synthetic alternatives are readily available and equally effacious.

Many bears are imprisoned for up to 20 years; they live and die in their cages without once seeing the sun or touching a blade of grass. On rescue, the bears are taken to the Animals Asia sanctuary in Chengdu, Southern China. The charity has so far rescued over 200 bears.

Tickets cost £25 and be booked by going to the website: or by calling 0870 241 3723

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