The 80 Mile Per Gallon Mini

It’s all litres now at the petrol pumps, but these chaps still use the gallon.

Get your pocked money saved. You are going to want one of these:
The hybred BMW Mini
Everybody loves the Mini, now there’s even more reasons to get one.
(That’s if these ever go into production of course.)

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“A British engineering firm has put together a high-performance hybrid version of BMW’s Mini Cooper. The PML Mini QED has a top speed of 150 mph, a 0-60 mph time of 4.5 seconds. The car uses a small gasoline engine with four 160 horsepower electric motors — one on each wheel. The car has been designed to run for four hours of combined urban/extra urban driving, powered only by a battery and bank of ultra capacitors. The QED supports an all-electric range of 200-250 miles and has a total range of about 932 miles (1,500 km). For longer journeys at higher speeds, a small conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) is used to re-charge the battery. In this hybrid mode, fuel economies of up to 80mpg can be achieved.”

Explains Martin Boughtwood, PML’s MD: “Until now, most electric vehicles have been little more than souped-up milk floats, limited by range and speed, with compromised performance. For those with a green conscience who also value an enhanced motoring experience, there is still something missing.

Martin says that the something missing includes: “…an energy management system and a sexy in-car display module.”
Again with the s*xy…

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