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Pack-a-day crisp habit’ warning
Half of UK children “drink” almost five litres of cooking oil every year as a result of their pack-a-day crisp habit, experts warn.

Animal rights protester is jailed
A cancer research specialist who sabotaged companies linked to animal research lab Huntingdon Life Sciences has been jailed for three years.

Joseph Harris, 26, a doctor of molecular biology, has become the first person to be convicted under economic sabotage laws to protect companies.

Queen’s gamekeeper in trap trial
One of the Queen’s gamekeepers on the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk is to stand trial accused of illegally using traps to kill or injure birds.

Dean Wright, 25, of Anmer, Norfolk, denies setting a trap, using a trap and causing unnecessary suffering to a tawny owl caught in a trap.

Biofuels: Green energy or grim reaper?
Biofuels could end up damaging the natural world rather than saving it from global warming, argues Jeff McNeely. Better policies, better science and genetic modification, he says, can all contribute to a greener biofuels revolution.

[via Google News] Warning sign in an American supermarket
Spinach scare in America

The nationwide E. coli outbreak from bagged spinach could seriously dampen the popularity of prewashed, packaged salads with time-pressed and diet-conscious Americans, food safety and marketing experts say.

The Food and Drug Administration’s announcement Wednesday that the bug that sickened hundreds of people matched a strain found in an opened bag of Dole spinach may eat away consumers’ confidence in a $2.8 billion-a-year industry built on convenience and good health, observers said.

Quote of the week from the above story »

“This stuff is supposed to be triple-washed, whatever that means, but E. coli is still getting into it,” said Marcia Mogelonsky, a Mintel International research analyst. “I’m afraid with this new food fear, people are going to stop eating salad because even if it’s in a bag, they are going to have to wash it and it becomes inconvenient again.”

Yes even doing an extra precautionary task of a five second rinse would be an inconvenice for some Americans…

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