I consume, you consume, we all consume !


New Consumer
The New Consumer Magazine
“Passionate, irreverent, positive, fun New Consumer exists to champion fair trade and ethical living throughout the world, and to ultimately change consumer and business behaviour by illustrating the ethical alternative.”

Ethical Consumer
The Ethical Consumer
“Ethical Consumer was launched in March 1989 and is the UK’s leading alternative consumer magazine. Each issue contains practical guides to a range of products, from baked beans to banks.
We tell you everything you need to know, from the social and environmental impacts of a product to the ethical records of the companies that make it. “


Caring Consumer
The Caring Consumer
(Mentioned on ScouseVeg before – The Caring Consumer is a PETA website that gives advice on ethical companies and shopping.)

The Consumerist
“We’re biased towards the consumer. We favor bad company stories over happy customer tales. We’re not anti-capitalist; we’re anti-stupid-capitalist. Our premise is that good customer service isn’t a goal in and of itself, it actually makes and saves more money in the long run.”

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