Ramping up for National Vegan Week

As mentioned on the World Vegan Day post, it is also the National Vegan Week from October 28th to November 4th.

» A message from the Vegan Society Network Contacts Coordinator with more information:

“Hi everyone,

It’s less than a month until National Vegan Week with its excellent green theme.

If you are thinking you don’t have much time to plan anything or you want some posters & leaflets for your event, there’s a World Vegan Day activists pack ready and waiting for you at the Vegan Society, you only have to say the word to them and they’ll send you one and more materials too if you like!

and contact them right away at:

Plus inspiring Green Vegan Week action ideas at:

**Please take a few mins to tell me what your plans are (if any) for that week**, however big or small, as we’d love to list them at:

Latest Headlines on

  • EDM into the validity of vivisection – has your MP signed yet?
  • Stop Climate Chaos with a vegan message – Sat 4th Nov 2006.
  • Veganise on VeggieVision.
  • Spinach ‘may ward off blindness’.
  • ………….and many more!

    28th October events listed there:

  • Active event for budding & experienced veganisers in October
  • Network Contacts’ lunch – Sat 28th Oct 2006.
  • Vegan Society AGM 2006 – Sat 28th Oct 2006.
  • Vegan Society Awards Party – Sat 28th Oct 2006.
  • Happy veganising!


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    World Vegan Day

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