New crackdown on illegal hunting

From the Metro:

Top QCs have agreed to advise an anti-blood sports group in its attempt to crack down on illegal hunting.

The League Against Cruel Sports has launched a Prosecution Unit that will use both civil and criminal law to control the behaviour of hunters who believe they are a law unto themselves.

League Against Cruel Sports chief executive Douglas Batchelor said: “I am delighted to announce that Lord (Peter) Archer QC, a former solicitor general, and Anthony Scrivener QC, former chair of the Bar Council, have agreed to advise our new unit.

“They will work with our chairman John Cooper, a leading barrister in his own right.”

Robert Black QC, emeritus professor of law at Edinburgh University, will advise on any actions to be taken in Scotland.

The unit will work closely with the police and Crown Prosecution Service to prepare cases against hunters accused of hunting illegally.

It will also advise on the use of the law against hunt members who routinely trespass on private land, who frequently lose control of their hounds resulting in savage attacks on domestic pets and other animals, who block quiet country lanes with 4x4s and behave in an aggressive and intimidating manner towards anyone brave enough to complain.

Mr Batchelor said: “We hear every week of hunts behaving in a profoundly anti-social way. They allow their hounds to rip apart a family’s pet cat or rabbit and then think all they need to do is say ‘sorry’.

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