So whaddabout Tofu then ?

The New Year is approaching and there may be some of you out there thinking of changing to a veggie diet as one of your New Year’s resolution.

(Alright nobody does resolutions any more, but lets pretend for this post that some people still do).

Tofu The most flexible, useful and main ingredient for many vegan and vegetarians is something called Tofu.

No it is not toffee with a funny name. Tofu is a product made by coagulating soy milk and forming them into blocks.

Stop turning your nose up, you haven’t tried it yet.

Tofu is not just one product, it come in many different forms which can be used in many different ways. Click on the Wikipedia link above to go in depth and to read about all it’s uses.

Plus have a wander over to the Recipe Zaar to read a Tofu 101 »

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