Cat Poisoning in Waterloo

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Poisoner kills family’s cat

Jan 13 2007
Greg O'Keeffe

HUNDREDS of warning leaflets have been sent out by a family whose pet cat was killed by a mystery poisoner.

The two-year-old Asian tabby cat was deliberately sprayed with the poison in the back garden of his owner’s home.

Vets said the cat probably became ill after licking his fur so that the poison entered his system.

Despite being rushed to an emergency veterinary clinic the animal died from toxic shock. Tests showed his food had also been sprayed with the poison.

Police are investigating the incident, which happened in Waterloo.

The warning note is anonymous because the family fear repercussions from whoever poisoned their pet.

It says: “Tests carried out by the vet established he had been poisoned by a specific commonplace liquid known to be attractive to cats but a deadly poison to their system.

“This poisoning could not have been an accident.

“Your pet may also be in danger. The person or persons responsible went to considerable lengths to administer poison to our cat and may try to do the same to someone else’s pet, if they haven’t already.

“Our cat never left the perimeter of his own home and garden, so the poisoning can only have been deliberate. Please be very diligent in case the poisoner targets another cat in the neighbourhood.”

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