District Judge Advocates Dog Cruelty ?

Stephen Scott who lives on the Croxteth Park estate is a drug addict and a thief.
He was caught and recently prosecuted for breaking into cars on the estate and how he got away with it for so long was because he used his dog as a cover.

Walking a dog His plan was the simplest one – At night people saw a bloke walking his dog and paid no attention to it. Then when there was nobody around he broke into some cars and stole items from them.

This little trick of his wasn’t discovered until he was caught by the police and he boasted of his cunning scheme.

Now the tea leaf has been banned from entering West Derby and not allowed to walk the dog there between the hours of 9pm to 8am for two years.

District Judge David Scanlon also said in this case: “This does not stop you letting the dog out in the garden of your own property but the dog will have to get used to not going out between these times.

“If that causes the dog problems then I’m sorry but that is necessary for the rest of the community.”

The dog is being punished for something it’s owner did. That’s cruel.

» Full story via the Echo.

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