It's Just Not Cricket

Alright stop groaning. I’ll go and stand in the corner for using that headline.
I should know better but I just couldn’t resist. I’m very sorry.

Anyways… to the item and the reason why I used the cliché:

We like locally owned and operated businesses. We try to support them by shopping there and recommending them to our friends. But what we don’t like is when they sell fur.

In the Cavern Walks is a clothes shop called Cricket who stock the latest fashions (some of the WAG’s have been seen in there), but they also have furs, such as coyote, mink, fox and raccoon. Cricket Liverpool

To get their fur some of these animals are farmed and skinned alive…

Nearly all the retailers has seen sense now and do not sell any. Fashion wise, wearing fur these days is very unpopular. But there are still some shops that want to profit from this cruelty and try to sell it. In Liverpool, Cricket is that shop.

There have been protests outside the store to alert the public about this and the ScouseVeggie’s want you to join them this Saturday if you can.

The O’Leary clan have been out there (on Mathew Street) the last few weeks and will be there this coming Saturday and any others that they can spare. If you have some time and want to join them… They’ll be there around 12.30 to 3ish. (There will be a demo outside the shop every Saturday until Cricket see sense and stop selling this stuff. )

For more info on fur go to – and

You can contact the shop and let them know what a bad practice this is by writing to:
Justine Mills at 10 Cavern Walks
Mathew Street
L2 6RE
0151 227 4645

or using the contact form on their website.

If you want to register your protest via the written word please be polite and point out to them that this is very bad form – and bad publicity for them.

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