Jay Needs A Hand

Jay Davé – a friend of the ScouseVeggies and the Vegetarian Society is looking for a volunteer.

Fancy going to Blackpool this Sunday ? (Jan 21st).
No you can’t go on the rides.
Alright one then if we have the time.

If you can get yourself there – or Jay can give you a lift from Preston or MCR, then he would really appreciate your help.

Take it Jay…

“Hi all, There’s an health event in Blackpool this Sunday and I’m doing an info stall with my sis Heena, for The Vegetarian Society.
I’ve found out that the event will possible attract 500-1000 people and that they may want a talk on vegetarianism (along the ideals of The Vegetarian Society as it’s a gentle approach to Jay in action educate people who have no idea or err on the side of caution to the mention of vegetarianism). Talk about myths of vegetarian diet (usual stuff people worry about, nutrition, enough protein etc).

The event is from 10am to 4pm and just wondering if anyone wants to help volunteer man the stall, give a talk, give each other a break or man the stall while others give a talk or such.
If you’re interested, let me or Heena know and we’ll send you details. A couple extra hands would be good in the light of the size of the event.

May be able to give volunteers a lift from Preston area – or depends if anyone from Mcr wants to help (then I’ll adapt my schedule and go early sunday like 7am from Mcr)
Cheers, Jay”

You can contact Jay via his website or use the contact form on here and we’ll forward any messages to him.

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