The UK is full of rubbish

…and the Local Government Association is taking a tip from the Bush administration by declaring a War on Waste !

From the Beeb:

‘Charges needed’ in war on waste

Some rubbish yesterdayHouseholders who throw out large amounts of rubbish instead of recycling should be charged more, councils in England and Wales say.

The Local Government Association, which is launching its War on Waste campaign, also wants to reward those households which throw out less.

It is calling on the government to give councils powers to charge people depending on how much they throw away.

The UK dumps more household waste into landfill than any other EU state.

The LGA, which represents 400 councils in England and Wales, says the “days are over” when people could throw rubbish away without worrying about the consequences.

Councils face fines of up to £150 per metric ton of landfill waste, and the association is warning these costs could be passed on to taxpayers.

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