The Sunday Monday Listen

Post carried over for 1 day because of computer problems here

Track 1:
Thanks to Addblock I hardly see website adverts any more, but the other day my eye was caught (it’s fine, no damage) by a banner ad that flashed up “Jonny Greenwood” (of Radiohead) and “Trojan” (as in the records, not that Trojan).

So I did a rare thing and actually clicked on the banner which took me here.

It is a website for the Trojan record label and they are celebrating their 40th year. To mark this they got Jonny Greenwood to go through their catalogue and select tracks for a compilation album. On the site you can purchase and download the whole album – although I’m not sure if it can be purchased and downloaded in the UK, they might have restricted it to the USA only. But anyway that’s not the reason for mention about it here.

On the site there are two tracks that you can download for free. One of them is by Delroy Wilson and the other by:

Lee “Scratch” Perry – Black Panta:

Lee Scratch Perry

Track 2:
The second song I found when as you do, was looking for something else.
TV On The Radio are an avant-garde band championed by David Bowie amongst others.
A track of theirs just added to the Jukebox is an electro mashup which caught me ear (no damage there either.) Is is called:

TV on the Radio – If I Was A Lover:

TV on the Radio

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