Be My Cruel Valentine

A story about abuse to some fish, just for Valentine’s Day:

Tattooed fish turn up in Detroit
Valentines Day has meant more tattooed fish turning up in aquatic stores in America.

Parrot cichlids with pink lips, heart shapes and “I love U” tattooed onto their skin have been imported from Asia ready for February 14th.

According to, at least seven shops in Detroit have stocked the fish over the last two weeks, and three of those have sold out.

“It’s neat, but I’m opposed to it because it stresses the fish,” said Junjun Cabral of Best Pets in Madison Heights.

Best Pets won’t stock the fish because of ethical reasons, but Greenwood Pets in Warren and Livonia do.

“It’s a way to make a statement to a boyfriend or girlfriend,” said Dennis Jones, general manager at Greenwood Pets, “it’s quite unique.”

Greenwood Pets have sold 10 to 20 of the dyed fish a week since their arrival.

But other stockists reported much slower sales, with Meribar Pet not selling either of the two that they ordered in.

People ask about them, but they aren’t buying them, said Nancy Frazzini, co-owner of Meribar Pet.

Animal activists are well aware of the tattooed fish being stocked in their area, and condemned them, calling them an odd gesture for a loved one.

“Nothing says I love you like cruelty to animals,” said Bruce Friedrich, spokesman for PETA.

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