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Family’s fight to save pet
Feb 9 2007
by Ewan Ross, Liverpool Echo

A DISTRAUGHT family will take their fight to save their dog’s life to the courts.

Stephen and Denise Evans’ four-year-old dog Bodie was taken away by police on Wednesday evening after they contacted the hand-in hotline.

The couple were convinced Bodie was an “Irish Staffordshire bull terrier” and thought they had papers to prove it.

But specially-trained officers said that the dog was a pit bull terrier-type and they seized it.

Mr and Mrs Evans, of Wavertree, say Bodie is a harmless, well-trained family pet and refused to sign a document allowing the police to put him to sleep.

Instead, they will go to court in the hope of persuading the magistrates that he does not pose a threat to the public, so that he can join the index of exempted dogs.

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Lift ban if dogs are harmless
Feb 9 2007
by Nick Coligan, Liverpool Echo

A TOP RSPCA official wants illegal dog owners to have the chance to officially register their pets – if they are harmless.

Chief Inspector Martin Marsh believes animals officially banned but deemed to be no threat should not be automatically put down.

He says the Index of Exempted Animals – set up as part of the Dangerous Dogs Act in 1991 -– should be reopened.

The register was created so dangerous dogs, including pit bulls, can be monitored. It allows people to keep illegal dogs if a court decides they are no threat and are neutered, tattooed, microchipped and muzzled in public.

Currently, the only way a new animal can join the index is if its owner is prosecuted for keeping an illegal dog. Even then, their pet will be put down unless the court makes a rare exception.

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