Innocents on death row

From the Echo:

Innocents on death row…
Feb 15 2007
By Jade Wright, Liverpool Echo

Paisley the West Highland TerrierAs rescue centres around Merseyside struggle to cope with a sudden influx of abandoned pets, Jade Wright meets the forgotten victims of the amnesty on dangerous dogs

West Highland terrier Paisley has been caught up in the furore over dangerous dogs

PAISLEY the West Highland terrier could hardly look less like a vicious killer.

Yet the fluffy white puppy has become one of an ever-increasing number of innocent victims caught up in the widespread panic and confusion over dangerous dogs.

Rescue centres and kennels across Merseyside are being overwhelmed by abandoned dogs thrown on the streets since five-year-old Ellie Lawrenson was savaged to death.

Innocent pups are being kicked out by families concerned their loving family pets could turn into bloodthirsty killers…

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