Live Earth – July 7th 2007

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Galaxy Of ‘Green’ Stars To Perform At World’s Biggest Charity Gig

You live hereU2, Oasis, Robbie Williams, Coldplay and Kylie Minogue are among the acts expected to wow crowds at the world’s biggest ever concert to help save the planet. Former US vice president Al Gore invited some of the world’s most influential media figures to a top secret London meeting last Friday to plan the record-breaking gig.

An insider says, “It was the most stellar array of media figures you could ever see but to get all those people in the room on a Friday night shows how willing they are to help.” The ‘Live Earth’ show will be held on July 7 at venues in England, America, South Africa, Japan and Brazil in a bid to raise environmental awareness.

Gore says, “Television hypnotizes billions but it is a one-way conversation filling minds with junk food. The only way to breathe meaning back into our words is through music. We need you.” The full line-up of artists will be announced next week.

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