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From the Echo:

Hand over your dogs or they’ll ruin more lives’
Feb 7 2007
By Nick Coligan and Adrian Butler, Liverpool Echo

DOG attack victims today said they hoped the seven-day police hand-in would stop other people’s lives being ruined.

They urged owners of dangerous animals to come forward.

They also backed a special hotline allowing worried residents to report neighbours who own illegal pets.

The week-long hand-in started at 7am today and means people can voluntarily hand over banned breeds without the fear of being prosecuted.

A statement from Deed Not Breed in the same article:

Dog campaigners slam hand-in of ‘family pets’

“DEED Not Breed” campaigners have condemned the dog hand-in, claiming family pets rather than aggressive animals will be culled.

The group, which calls for the toughening up of laws affecting dog keepers rather than targeting specific types, believes owners of dangerous dogs will simply go underground to avoid detection.

It also criticises the fact that owners will not have the chance to go to court and ask for their pets to be added to the index of registered dogs, which allows types like pit bull terriers to be kept lawfully.

Merseyside police says that any animals deemed to be of a banned breed will instead be humanely put down.

But Deed Not Breed chairwoman Melanie Page said: “In light of the police’s acceptance that the law is wrong, it seems strange that they are aggressively pursuing dogs and not focusing on poor ownership.

“No breed of dog is inherently dangerous. Rather than hounding innocent dogs who simply look the part, I would rather they joined us to call for better legislation.”

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  • 27th September 2008 at 10:03 am

    why is it we have to suffer because the police take our loving dogs.they will not tell us were thay or of if there ok it,s us that suffer.


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