Our beach is being ruined by rubbish

From the Echo:

Down on the beachOur beach is being ruined by rubbish
Feb 12 2007
by Homa Khaleeli, Liverpool Echo

BURNT out cars and dumped motorbikes have turned a protected Merseyside beach into a rubbish tip.

New Ferry beach has been labelled a site of special scientific interest because of the birds that winter there.

But neighbours say the Wirral beach is strewn with rubbish, bricks, shopping trollies and motorbikes.

Mike Craig from Shorefield, New Ferry, said the stretch of beach is seen by tourists coming by ferry to Merseyside.

He said: “The beach is an absolute eyesore.

“The ferry comes up the river loaded with tourists and what they see is a dump.

“There are piles of rubble along the edge from where there was once a 6ft wall, a burnt out car and about six motorbikes.

“And there’s pollution with a pile of sanitary equipment – it’s disgusting.

“No-one would want to walk along it.”

The beach is protected as rare wading birds, known as black-tailed godwits, spend their winters on the mudflats.

Rock Ferry councillor Steve Niblock has joined forces with the father-of-three to help get the beach cleaned up.

He said: “The beach is actually owned by the Crown and I have toyed with writing to the Queen and asking her to get her wellies on and clean it up. We get lots of bird watchers coming to the beach.” Cllr Niblock said he was organising a meeting between United Utilities, Natural England and other interested groups to discuss a plan for the beach.

“But this isn’t what we want to show tourists in 2008.”

A spokeswoman for Wirral council said they were looking into the pollution on the foreshore and will be monitoring the area.

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