PETA: "Anna was a friend to animals"

Alright she was a bit of a trainwreck, but at least she never wore fur:

PETA: “Anna was a friend to animals”
Posted Feb 8th 2007 6:53PM by TMZ Staff

Anna Nicole posed as Marilyn Monroe in PETA’s “Gentlemen Prefer Fur-Free Blondes” campaign. The animal rights organization issued this statement:

Anna Nicole Smith PETA campain photo

“She was a great friend to animals and used every opportunity to speak out against senseless cruelty. We always thought Anna Nicole was a perfect fit for PETA because, just like us, she not only hated cruelty to animals and loved her dogs but also couldn’t be ignored, and no matter what people thought of her, they always had an opinion, one way or another. … It is a tragedy when anyone passes away before their time, but with Anna Nicole, animals have lost a true hero and PETA has lost a good friend. We will miss her.”

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