Team 9 Mashups

mash-up or mash·up (māsh'ŭp')
n. An audio recording that is a composite of samples from other recordings, usually from different musical styles.

Latest addition to the ScouseVeg Jukebox is a mashup done by team9.
They took Thom Yorke’s Black Swan and threw in a bit of The Beatles – Come Together:
[audio:] Note if you are listening in the office or in front of any kiddies – sweary lyrics from Thom

Lots more team9 mashup’s, including The White Stripes vs JayZ vs Queen (recommended) or how about Hard-Fi with a bit of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, some Flying Lizards and a bit of Abba thrown in…

Another sort of mashup. Some clever chappie created a video –
Audio is Black Swan. Visuals A Scanner Darkly :

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