Turkey/Bird Flu Update

Unfortunately the slaughter is set to resume in the same place where all the turkey who had the bird flu were locked up and eventually destroyed:

Bird flu farm resumes production

Bernard Matthews is to resume slaughtering and processing turkeys at the Suffolk farm where bird flu was found earlier this month.

Live birds will be brought in under a special licence allowing them to cross into the exclusion zone.

Bird flu was confirmed at the plant in Holton on 3 February, and 159,000 turkeys were culled.

The turkeys will be brought in from 0900 GMT on Tuesday, from the 50 farms Bernard Matthews operates in the UK.

Environment Secretary David Miliband said he had been “guided by science” in allowing production to resume.

The slaughterhouse had been re-licensed by the Meat Hygiene Service after cleansing and disinfection at the site, he said.

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