Baked Body Parts

Now here’s an interesting thought/proposal/dilemma… Would you eat something that looks like a human body part ? People happily eat meat because they don’t see the head or face of the animal they are eating (well not anymore, but they used to..) So what would you say or think if your food looked like somebody’s arm or leg ?

Found via the J-Walk Blog

Bread faceGruesome body parts greet customers of a bakery in Ratchaburi, Thailand. Artist and baker Kittiwat Unarrom has sculpted life-like heads, feet and hands from dough in the bakery’s kitchen and exhibits them in glass cabinets in the shop. He says his edible art lures one hundred visitors a day.

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Extra slightly related video bonus »
A scene from the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy where the gang have just arrived at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe and are about to meet the dish of the day:

Text version of the above scene

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