Ecodesign – We could be heroes

We here at ScouseVeg like to help in supporting and promoting locally produced items that are friendly to animals, to vegetarians and vegans and of course, to the environment.

One such budding business has contacted us and we urge you to seek out and buy things from them:

Eco Design - We Could Be Heroes

Ecodesign (website coming soon) does as it says on the box. They only stock and sell recyclable environmental and veggie friendly products.

The hard sell from them:

We are an eco friendly company promoting chemical free lifestyles for all.
Our body care range is 100% chemical free (we have a complete ban on all synthetics, parabens, SLS’s and all other nasty chemicals that are not needed), suitable for vegetarians and vegans and all ingredients are natural and where possible organic.

All our paper and stationary is from recycled post consumer waste including old car tyres, plastic boxes, CD cases and juice cartons. We also have a range of paper made from recycled Elephant poo! Don’t worry its clean and doesn’t smell!

We have a range of soy candles, which burn cleaner than your standard chemical filled paraffin wax candles. They burn cooler so last longer and are ideal for those with respiratory problems induced by paraffin candles. They are hand made in the south of France by certified Aroma therapists using only essential oils.

You can find them on the 1st Friday of every month over the water in the Birkenhead Craft Market and every Sunday at the Heritage Market, Liverpool.

As mentioned a website is coming soon. In the meantime download a pdf file which has facts about your skincare, facts about the environment and more information about EcoDesign themselves »

Echodesign.pdf pdf file

UPDATE: As mentioned we like to help out with this sort of thing and I’ve created a simple info website for EcoDesign. You can find it at:

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