Fans – and foes – turn out to meet Coleen

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The first one is about last Saturday (10th March) in with the demonstrators outside the Cricket shop took a trip from their regular protest (which will take place every Saturday until Cricket stop selling fur) down to Waterstone’s, where the famous (?) fur wearer Colleen McLoughlin was in attendance. The soon to be 21 year old was signing copies of her autobiography (!)

Article from the Echo on the reception she got »

Fans – and foes – turn out to meet Coleen
Mar 12 2007
by Greg O'Keeffe, Liverpool Echo

HUNDREDS of people queued to meet Coleen McLoughlin as she launched her autobiography in Liverpool.

Wayne Rooney’s fiancee was at Waterstone’s book shop in Bold Street on Saturday with her book Welcome To My World, which discusses her relationship with the Manchester United striker.

The book signing event also saw animal rights activists holding a demonstartion.

Dozens of protesters carrying banners with pictures of skinned animals waited for Coleen.

Police on horseback were used to keep the activists away from the entrance but nobody was arrested.

The members of Merseyside Animal Rights targeted Coleen, 20, after she was photographed shopping in “fur retailer” Cricket in Cavern Walks.

Croxteth-born Coleen, who will celebrate her 21st birthday at a £150,000 party in Thornton Hall, Wirral, this month, has also worn outfits trimmed with fur.

Campaigner Katie Brown, who took part in the protest, said: “You only have to look at how many people came to see Coleen to realise what an influence she has and I hope she uses her profile to encourage compassion and not cruelty.”

» Full story

Found a couple of photographs uploaded to Flickr that were taken on Saturday »

First one from Rosarindo has the caption: “Coleen’s Fashion sense is…

… shite !”

Second one from Trois Têtes: “Fans of Coleen McLoughlin queue outside Waterstones, Liverpool. Colleen has ‘written’ a book “Welcome to my World”

“Colleen is clearly a celebrity, since people were queuing at least three hours before her arrival. Just in case anyone should be unaware why she is famous, one word sums it up. She is very good at shopping. A useful talent to have. “

If you spot any more photo’s mail me here

ANOTHER UPDATE: Click to read the extra coverage…

Found by Brian via the MVVG mailing/discussion list »

Subject: ITV’s ‘Loose Women’ – Apparent pro fur stance.
Posted by Jon

I had the misfortune to watch a bit of this programme at lunchtime and was pretty shocked (though unfortunately not surprised) to hear the presenters defending people who want to wear fur, specifically Colleen watsherface.

One of the presenters claimed to wear rabbit fur and also mentioned that her friend owned a fur shop in Liverpool that has anti-fur protesters outside the premises every Saturday. She went on to say how the protesters shout ridiculous things and just want to get themselves in the papers, i.e. are just doing it for publicity.

Other comments included the ubiquitous arguments of ‘Well everyone eats meat so why shouldn’t people wear fur?’, ‘Animal rights protesters are terrorists anyway’ and other statements regarding fake fur not being able to keep people warm, meat tasting delicious
and ‘If it makes you feel good, then why not wear fur?’

The general consensus of the presenters seemed to be that fur farming is humane, no different to ‘eating chickens eggs’ etc. There was no mention of fur farming being illegal in the UK for instance!

They have a web site for people to email them with their comments regrading the different topics discussed:

They also have a message board where a couple of people seem to have
voiced their opinions:

I clicked on the Tinurl link to read the discussion but the link was dead. So I went to the ITV page and then found the forum and found out that the found out that the fur discussion thread(s) have been closed or deleted:

One thought on “Fans – and foes – turn out to meet Coleen

  • 5th October 2007 at 4:47 pm

    Yay! I went to meet her that day 😀 and i had real Love From Australia boots on and guess where they where bought from…..Cricket! Ha The protesters just didnt get there point across to any of her fans and it was just pointless them being there.


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