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Thanks to the nod by Peter I found an article about last weekend’s Liverpool Vegan Food Fayre in the Daily Post »

Meat-free cuisine proves a hit as hungry visitors get a taste for vegan fare
Mar 19 2007
by Vicky Anderson, Liverpool Daily Post

LIVERPOOL’S Vegan Food Fayre spread its message of “have your cake, eat it, and love the planet” at Lark Lane’s Old Police Station this weekend.
Its her again !
Organised by Merseyside Animal Rights, the free event, which was held on Saturday, promised samples of meat-free and dairy-free alternatives to dishes such as chocolate cake, hot-dogs and even bacon butties, as well as plenty of meal ideas and tips for what organisers called, “I can’t believe it’s vegan!” food.

Visitors to the fayre were able to try out free dishes, chat with local chefs, and vegetarian and vegan groups.

They were also able to share recipes and browse at stalls selling everything from beauty products to books and cakes, presented by such organisations as Animal Aid, ScouseVeg, News from Nowhere and the Green Party.

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