Green Your Pet

Another Treehugging greenery installment.

Episode 2: Woof meow.

How to Green Your Pet
by Team Treehugger, 03.5.07

Ah, the pitter patter of four-legged feet as they whip through your living room at overclocked speeds or uproot your prize gladiolas with manic fervor. But Snookiepuss and Mrs. Fluffypants are practically family, right? So why should they settle for anything less than top drawer when their health and wellbeing are at stake? Throw the planet a bone while you’re at it; we’ve got the goods on how to reduce your pets’ carbon paw prints—without making your wallet roll over and play dead.

Pet is green

This is a long Treehugger article notes on adopting, feeding, keeping, natural pet-care and cleaning products and giving them sustainable goods. The article is U.S.-centric, but there are some good green tips which are worldwide.

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