Heather Mills Photographed Wearing Fur

Whilst we are on the celebrity fur wearing subject today – another related news item has popped up on the wires:

From the Daily Mirror »

By Louise Male 12/03/2007

VIDEO footage has today emerged of anti-fur campaigner Heather Mills wearing a mink coat.

Heather, 39, will be horrified to be seen in the outfit, which she wore to a wedding. Her former sister-in-law Dianna Karmal said last night: “She loved that coat. When I see her anti-fur campaigns, I always chuckle.”

The fur coat would have been made from up to 40 dead animals, it was revealed yesterday.

An expert identified how the mink garment was produced within seconds of watching the video footage of her wearing it.

The British Fur Trade Association specialist, with more than 40 years’ experience, said: “It’s an off-the-peg coat containing between 35 to 40 skins. You can immediately see what it is. You can see where the skins are stitched together, the way the coat was made and the type of skin used.”

Beaming Heather, now 39, proudly wore the outfit as she and then-husband Alfie Karmal went to a pal’s North London wedding.

The video will deeply embarrass the anti-fur activist, who last year called Naomi Campbell “shallow and hypocritical” for wearing fur.

Yet old pals say the item, which once belonged to late mum Beatrice, was one of Heather’s favourites.

Former sister-in-law-Dianna Karmal said: “She really loved that coat. When I see her anti-fur campaigns now, I always chuckle.

“It’s laughable that she’s called so many celebrities hypocrites.

“She’s styled herself an anti-fur campaigner but was proud to be in her mum’s mink.

“The pictures are from long ago but no-one’s aware of her previous love of fur. The charities she campaigns for will feel let down.”

Dianna’s brother Dennis, who shot the video on a warm September day in 1989, recalled: “Everyone was in short sleeves but she wore heavy fur.

“You could see she felt beautiful in it.” Naomi is not the only model Heather has savaged for switching sides in the war on fur.

The campaigner, who in 2005 went to Brussels to urge an EU ban, raged on her website: “Cindy Crawford has sold her soul to the fur trade, as have Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell. They…decided to take the money and rejoin the industry that murders animals.”

But in her 1996 memoirs she fondly recalled her mum’s garment and wrote: “It was a nice coat…I remember the way it tickled my cheek.” The mum of one, currently in a bitter divorce battle with Sir Paul McCartney, is in U.S. show Dancing With The Stars this month.


The online article doesn’t have either the video or any pics of the event. I’m sure something will appear very soon…

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UPDATE: Ms Mills defends herself on her website. Read what she has to say after the jump:

From Contact Music »

Animal rights campaigner Heather Mills McCartney has defended herself after a newspaper published pictures of her wearing a fur coat.

The Daily Mirror showed Lady Mills McCartney, the estranged wife of Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney, wearing a mink coat that used to belong to her late mother.

But writing on her website, she said that the picture was taken in 1989 before she was both a vegetarian and an anti-fur campaigner.

“The coat belonged to my mother, who had sadly died just a few days earlier and I wore it because it made me feel close to her,” she said.

“I am not ashamed I wore it… I was extremely young and was not aware of the issues surrounding the fur trade.”

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