Hello and welcome if you've just joined us…

… after watching the BBC spend your licence fee on a TV show that killed live animals and then after cooking it, got people to eat the meat.

If after watching this disgusting display you are thinking of changing to a vegetarian diet, then welcome ! You have made a good choice and there are many things here that can help you.

A few items to help you get started:

Via Alternet/EnviroHealth »

One Bite at a Time: A Beginner’s Guide to Vegetarianism
By Kathy Freston, HuffingtonPost.com.

“I’ve argued in two recent essays, “A Few More ‘Inconvenient Truths‘” and “Vegetarian Is the New Prius,” that a plant-based diet is a good choice for the planet, our health and animals. Of course, there are other things we should be doing — from cutting down on our consumption to working for governmental change to buying organic and on and on — but where diet is concerned, a vegetarian diet is the hands-down best choice for those of us who care about animals and the environment.

I heard from a lot of people who wanted help in making the transition to a vegetarian (or mostly vegetarian) diet. Let’s face it: If you’ve been eating meat all your life, this sort of a change can be daunting even just to think about, let alone act on. Happily, it’s easier than ever today to make the transition from meat-eater to vegetarian, and the following suggestions should help even the most die-hard carnivores make the switch….

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Next an essential bookmark for you: http://www.vegsoc.org
The Vegetarian Society of the United Kingdom.

They have many resources and tips on about vegetarian diets. Best place to start is their Food for Thought section. Which has Seven simple steps for going – and staying – vegetarian

If you want to get more advice then sign up for their newsletter

And of course don’t forget the very site you are looking at.
We have lots of recipe ideas, plus a list of places for eating out in Liverpool, and how about joining our mailing/discussion list ?

If you ever need to ask for any help, have any questions then the ScouseVeggies are there for you.

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