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Continuing the introduction to becoming a veggie – more resources and reading for you.

An item via Ideal Bite:

Wondering how vegetarians make it through the day without fainting?

  • The Bite:

As any vegetarian worth her weight in tofu’ll tell you, it’s easy – just know where to get your iron and protein.

  • The Benefits
  • Maintain healthy skin, bones, muscles and organs by going with legumes, lentils, nuts, soy, seeds and whole grains – all great sources of protein. A cup of tempeh will fill you with as much protein as a small portion of steak.
  • Give up meat, not your red blood cells. Iron’s found in soy, lentils, nuts and leafy veggies, like spinach and kale. (Non-GMO) soy, lentils and beans are great sources. But note: Veg-Heads might want to try iron supplements, since plant-derived (“non-heme”) iron isn’t as easily absorbed by the body.
  • Win loads of eco-points. Producing 2.2 lbs of grain-fed beef takes 3,960 gallons of water, while the same amount of cereal takes 405 gallons.

» Full article from their tip library


Some extra useful linkage from the same article:

Even carnivores can try going meatless a couple days a week – check out these resources for more info:

  • Health Calculator – first things first. Check the protein and iron boxes to get your daily requirement, then see the food comparison charts for protein and iron.

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