Reactions to the Kill It, Cook It, Eat It BBC Show

The first installment of the BBC3 TV programme Kill It, Cook It, Eat It went out last night (Monday 5th March). Some comments from ScouseVeggie’s:

Kitty wrote »

“Just as a warning to everyone; after reading many reviews on the ‘Kill it, Cook it, Eat it’ programme from different non-biased sources the general feeling is that the abbatoir filmed in is a ‘small and carefully run establishment which does not reflect the true nature of many slaughterhouses’.

In an attempt to widen the eyes of those in the public who prefer not to think about what they’re really eating; if this is the case I would urge you to all contact the BBC and suggest they show something less watered down. This may be the first and probably last time the majority of meat eaters may see ‘behind the walls’ and I think what they see should be a true depiction of where the main body (!) of our country’s meat comes from and not a watered down version of the facts, reassuring them of the efficiency of this mass killing system.

Although all death is unpleasant to watch (for most of us) the lives of suffering these animals endure before this should be realistically portrayed along with the callousness death is treated with in a busy slaughterhouse too.”

Peter wrote »

“I watched the BBB 3 programme last night and felt sick,upset and angry,when a defenceless cows was slaughtered in front of a studio audience and at the end of the slaughters,some of the audience were asked for there reaction and most of them thought the killings were done humanely and they had no qualms on continuing to eat dead animals,i was astonished how cold and clinical these people viewed these animal murders,it made me feel ashamed to be a part of the same human species.”

Christine wrote »

“I too watched some of this programme, after the first animal had been killed, I could not witness the second and third. I agree with Peter, I could not understand how people happily eat the meat after what they had witnessed, even though the majority looked appalled at the whole process, (some were like me, in floods of tears) from being a beautiful live animal to the plate.

Just watching people’s reactions, I thought there would very few people who would even try it, but sadly, it did not stop them, not even the woman who said she was thinking of becoming a Vegetarian! There was a Vegetarian there and she cried all the way through. I don’t know if the producers expected her to eat the meat. Some seem to justify eating meat by, if the animal was well looked after when it was alive, then it was acceptable to kill it just for food.

I certainly will not subject myself to tonights or tomorrow’s programmes. but I realise through watching the first one, what awful cold hearted creatures we, as human beings are (in general, that is.)

It was certainly not entertainment, more educational. I really foolishly believed the programme would have put people off eating meat, I am astonished it did not.”

Another episode airs tonight at 10.30pm on BBC3.

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