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From the Echo:

Horror as thugs kill sheep at farm
Mar 23 2007
by Mike Hornby, Liverpool Echo

TWO young sheep were beaten and left for dead in a violent attack at a city farm popular with schoolchildren.

One ewe died of her injuries and a second ewe has been left blind at Walton’s Rice Lane City Farm.

The animals, popular with youngsters on school trips, were found in their pens covered in blood on Tuesday morning.

The ewe which died was the mother of lambs which featured in the ECHO two weeks ago.

Projects manager Colin Barry said: “This has been extremely distressing for all of us and we just can’t understand why anyone would want to do this to our animals…”

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From the Echo:

£13m answer to a rubbish mountain
Mar 21 2007
by Nick Coligan, Liverpool Echo

UP to 50,000 tonnes of household rubbish from homes across Merseyside will be treated at a new £13m site in Knowsley.

The recycling complex at Huyton business park will take in the contents of people’s binbags and process it so most of it does not end up on landfill sites.

The hi-tech plant, to be set up in a former furniture store in Stretton Way, will remove reusable materials and crush down the rest into tiny pieces so it can be used to help resurface roads.

Merseyside’s councils are trying to find ways to improve their re-cycling performance as they face hefty fines if they fail to do so.

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From the Beeb:

Go green plan for council staff
BBC News Online. Friday 23 March 2007.

Council staff in Liverpool could be given special loans to buy season tickets for public transport.

The idea, being considered by Liverpool City Council, is designed to get workers to help reduce congestion and improve the city’s air quality.

The council wants to set an example to the rest of Liverpool by persuading staff to leave the car at home and use buses and trains to get to work.

It may also offer loans to staff to buy bicycles to cycle to work instead.

The loans would be interest free and on offer to around 14,000 town hall staff.

At the same time car parking charges for council staff would go up, in an effort to encourage people to go green.

The council’s executive board will consider the plan on 30 March.

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