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I am speechless… Another BBC TV Show that is aiming for controversy and sensationalisation. (Their previous attempt here). The following article has very graphic descriptions, if you have a weak stomach stop reading now.

Via the Sunday Mirror:

By Jenna Sloan, Sunday Mirror.
4th March 2007

LIVE animals are slaughtered in front of horrified school-children in a new TV shocker.

Graphic scenes from BBC’s Kill It, Cook It, Eat It show smoke coming out of a pig’s head as it collapses after being electrocuted. Abattoir staff then hang the twitching animal up by its legs and cut its throat, sending blood gushing to the floor.

Audience members including schoolkids watch behind a glass screen and some weep as the pig is thrown into boiling water and skinned. Earlier a film showed the same animal as a cute piglet.

After the animal is dead, a butcher carves it up and cooks it – and guests tuck into meat they saw alive only minutes before. In other episodes a cow is sawn in half and a lamb’s head is cut off, in an effort to “reconnect” us with the meat we buy.

Kids’ TV presenter and vegetarian Rani Smith burst into tears as she saw blood gush from a cow’s neck. Vegetarian Society spokeswoman Liz O’Neill said: “It was upsetting.”

Beef farmer Ken Howie told presenter Richard Johnson: “I do question whether the general public needs to see that.”

Another disgusted woman said: “It actually made me feel sick seeing an animal being killed just for TV.”

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A summary of the programme from the BBC3 website:

Do you ever find yourself indulging in a meat feast and wondering how the animal made its way to your plate?

Presenter Richard Johnson is here to bring together the two key moments that are usually separated in our lives and minds: the death of the animal and the eating of its meat.

In each programme, we trace the journey of one animal from its life on the farm to its fate at a small working abattoir. At the abattoir, a group of specially invited people, from vegetarians to meat enthusiasts, will witness the slaughter.

They’ll also see how the carcass is prepared, with our butcher breaking it down and explaining the different cuts of meat. Our chef Rachel Green will then demonstrate what to do with them.

Once the meal is ready, the audience is invited to taste the meat. But after witnessing the entire process, will they have the stomach for it?

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Animals killed. On television. For your entertainment…

The “show” is on BBC3 from Monday (March 5th) to Wednesday at 10.30pm.

There is a form where you can have your say about the programme:
Comments will obviously be screened and a selected few published.

I have to ask -Why isn’t there a public discussion forum available ?
The BBC has multiple messages boards for everything, but not for this.

So what do you think ? We don’t moderate here. Post your thoughts on the comments.

One thought on “Slaughter – Live on TV

  • 5th March 2007 at 1:04 am

    i am completely in favour of educating the general public about how meat is produced. Let’s face it, most people willingly shut off their minds to the consequences of their desire to eat meat. I can see that many people would object, on the ground that the killing of these animals should not be condoned; however, these animals would have been killed anyway so perhaps their deaths might have unintended positive consequences.


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