Welcome To Coleen's World…

Press release from Merseyside Animal Rights copied here:


Coleen McLoughlin loves to shop at Cricket.
She loves to wear real fur.
This Saturday, we’ll be asking her why.

On Saturday March 10th 2007, Coleen will be signing copies of her literary debut Welcome to My World at Waterstones on Bold Street in Liverpool.

Dressed head-to-toe in living dead chic, Merseyside Animal Rights will bring Ms. McLoughlin its very own headline-grabbing story! FUR IS DEAD!

MAR hope that fashion icon Coleen when she realises exactly what the rest of her boots and coat look like (see here) will renounce her allegiance to real fur retailers Cricket and realise the future is fabulously fake.

MAR is campaigning for a fur-free Liverpool before 2008.

Will Coleen opt for compassion and true culture or Cricket and all that
is vulgar?

The Day of the Living Dead procession will begin outside Cricket in Cavern Walks at 12.30pm on Saturday, moving onto Waterstones at 2pm to meet Coleen and her fans.

Deal or no deal, fake or real!
Let us know on Saturday, Coleen