You're Fur It Now Coleen !

As mentioned the other day Merseyside Animal Rights will be taking part in a demonstration outside the Cricket shop on Saturday, plus they will be taking this down to Waterstone’s.

News of this has reached the Echo:

You’re fur it now Coleen!
Mar 9 2007
by Greg O'Keeffe, Liverpool Echo

ANIMAL rights activists are planning to confront Coleen McLaughlin before a Liverpool signing of her autobiography.

Protesters drenched in fake blood carrying gruesome banners with pictures of skinned animals were set to wait for Wayne Rooney’sfiancee outside Waterstone’s bookshop tomorrow.

The members of Merseyside Animal Rights are targeting Coleen, 20, after she was photographed shopping in “fur retailer” Cricket in Cavern Walks.

Croxteth-born Coleen, who will celebrate her 21st birthday at a £150,000 party in Thornton Hall, Wirral, this month, has also worn outfits trimmed with fur.

A statement released by MAR said it hoped to convince Coleen to ditch real fur clothing.

It said: “MAR hope that fashion icon Coleen, when she realises exactly what the rest of her boots and coat look like, will renounce her allegiance to real fur retailers Cricket and realise the future is fabulously fake.

“MAR is campaigning for a fur-free Liverpool before 2008. Will Coleen opt for compassion and true culture, or Cricket and all that’s vulgar?”

Spokeswomen for Coleen McLaughlin and Cricket both declined to comment.

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So if you have time tomorrow (Sat 10th March), join them outside the Cricket store in the Cavern Walks from 12.30pm and then at Waterstone’s from 2pm.

3 thoughts on “You're Fur It Now Coleen !

  • 10th March 2007 at 10:10 pm

    You were absoulutly pathetic today outside coleen booksigning please get a life have you got nothing better to do with your saturday how do you think coleen felt please get a life

  • 12th March 2007 at 10:41 am

    to the person who left the ‘get a life’ comment, first of all we all have a great life and we have got better things to do with saturdays but feel we must make a stand against this cruelty, life is more than just shopping and drinking and the other things that you probably do in your spare time!!! maybe you should take a hard look at yourself! hopefully coleen will look at herself also and think about the poor animals being skinned alive just for fashion!

  • 23rd March 2007 at 2:42 pm

    Get a life must be so ashamed of themselves as to not even leave their real name. So sad.


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