Thousands left confused by new recycling scheme

Via the Daily Post:

‘Thousands left confused’ by new recycling scheme
Apr 21 2007
by Jessica Shaughnessy, Liverpool Daily Post

THOUSANDS of Wirral residents have been left confused and upset by the borough’s new waste recycling scheme, it was claimed last night.

Council call centre workers have fielded a barrage of calls and complaints from householders as the system is rolled out to 75,000 homes.

Conservative councillor Lesley Rennie said she was appalled at “bungles” made by contractor Biffa and said residents had been let down.

She said last-minute alterations to collection days were not relayed to residents, with many missing their collections.

But a council spokeswoman insisted no errors had been made and the furore was a result of teething problems with the new system.

Cllr Rennie, executive member of the Environment Committee with responsibility for recycling, said: “A lot of problems have evolved as residents move over to the fortnightly collection system.

The contractor decided it could start collections earlier and decided to change around some of the collection days, but failed to inform residents of this. Leaflets were supposed to be distributed, but many residents didn’t receive them.

This means that many people missed their collection and others expecting a collection were wondering why it never took place.

A great deal of confusion arose and this is unacceptable.”

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