BBC series to tell Earth's story

Too late for Earth Day, but worth a mention anyway – and it gives me a weak excuse to include a video.

BBC series to tell Earth’s story

A major new BBC TV series is to reveal the story of planet Earth from its birth more than four billion years ago.

Earth: The Biography will be screened on BBC Two later in the year and presented by Dr Iain Stewart, host of Journeys From the Centre of the Earth.

Dr Stewart will visit some of the planet’s most remote places to explain phenomena such as the meteorite thought to have wiped out dinosaurs.

BBC natural history series Planet Earth attracted up to nine million viewers.

‘Born survivor’

The new series will highlight the delicate balance of life on the planet and how its history has lurched between disaster and recovery, the BBC said.

Each episode will focus on a different theme of the Earth’s development, including volcanoes, the ocean and the atmosphere.

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Breathing Earth
“Welcome to Breathing Earth. This presentation displays the carbon dioxide emission level of every country in the world, as well as their birth and death rates – all in real time.”
Breathing Earth


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