Find cruel thugs who shot my cat

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Find cruel thugs who shot my cat
Apr 2 2007
by Ben Rossington, Liverpool Echo

A TEENAGER who plans to devote her life to animals had to have her cat put down after it was shot by yobs.

Pet-loving Carrie Griffith, 19, wants to become a vet after completing studies at college and university.

But the savings she built up to help support her through her education will now be spent paying off medical bills she incurred in a desperate bid to save her cat, Chien.

The pet was found drowning in a neighbour’s pond, unable to climb out because it had been paralysed by a BB pellet that shattered its spine.

Miss Griffith, 19, from Litherland, is now facing hundreds of pounds in medical bills after she had to take Chien, whose name means dog in French, to an emergency vet and a specialist.

The King George V college student said: “A neighbour found Chien in her garden with a puncture mark in his back and we thought he might have been fighting.

“But when he couldn’t move his back legs, we took him to the emergency vet, who X-rayed him and saw the pellet had shattered his spine.

“We took him to a specialist who said it was best not to wake him up from the sleep they had put him into.

“I’d taken Chien in when he was a stray kitten and we’ll all miss him.

“I don’t know why someone would do something like this, but there are plenty of kids around who are cruel enough to.”

Miss Griffith’s father, Phil Davies, said he would now put up a £1,000 reward to anyone who could lead them to the culprit who shot Chien last Sunday night.

Mr Davies said: “My daughter is a massive animal lover and she is devastated by this.

“Because Chien was her cat, she has refused to let us help with the fees, even though the emergency vet was £300 alone.

“I want anyone out there who knows who did this to come forward before another pet is killed.”

Anyone with information should contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

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