Lambs To The Slaughter

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Via Starpulse:

PETA Wants Lambs Living On David & Victoria Beckham’s Land To Be Spared

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has been urged to spare the lives of lambs living on David and Victoria Beckham’s English country estate by People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA). The Beckhams gave Ramsay permission to let his lambs graze on the land at their home in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire after he claimed his own London garden was too small.

However, Ramsay failed to notify the couple the lambs weren’t family pets, but future meals at his London eateries.

A spokeswoman for Victoria, adds, “She was more than happy to let the sheep roam around her grounds, but as a devout vegetarian, she will be distraught to learn that they’re going to be killed.”

And PETA hopes his close friend’s distaste over the incident will give him second thoughts, and begin to branch out on vegetarian alternatives.

PETA Europe director Poorva Joshipura says, “People are rallying to spare the lambs Posh grew to love. With soy ‘lamb’ kebabs and marinated mock meats, everyone wins, including the animals.”

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I’m sorry but I’ve got to say it. Posh isn’t that stupid. She knows who Gordon Ramsey is and what he does. I’m just not buying her naïveté on this one.

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