Michael Sutcliffe

Just spotted this over on Tony’s blog.
Michael died a few days ago, before Kurt Vonnegut, and deserves as much space as him.

We are deeply saddened to have recieved these words from Andrew Tyler of Animal Aid:

“Dear All

Michael SutcliffeA very special person, Michael Sutcliffe, died over Easter. He was a great supporter of Animal Aid and several other groups; went on all the major and a great many minor demos; wrote non-stop to government departments and newspapers; chaired and participated in all kinds of meetings; was personally very kind and supportive…and brave: his non-stop campaigning barely flagged through a series of painful and debilitating ailments and illnesses over recent years. He was 84. He was found, presumed to have suffered a heart attack, at his desk with his research papers all around …active and determined to the last. He was an inspiration and a wonderful asset to the animal rights movement. He will be sorely missed.

Andrew Tyler
Director Animal Aid”

Michael Sutcliffe was the epitome of a true English gentleman, too much of a gentleman to be anything other than a vegan.

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  • 22nd January 2008 at 4:16 pm

    I have only just learnt of Michael’s death. He was one in a million. One of the most wonderful and caring persons I have ever had the privilige to know. I remember taking him to Ferring Beach for a picnic a few years ago. He was in his early 80’s and he was doing handstands in the sea. I hope I will always remember him that way. What a great loss to the animals although I am sure he will be fighting their cause in Heaven! Elaine Fairfax, MD and Founder. Animal Friends Insurance


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