Pet goats mutilated in sick attack

Via the Metro:

Pet goats mutilated in sick attack
Friday, April 27, 2007

A pet goat has been killed in a late night attack which left three others horrifically mutilated, police said today.

The animals were attacked in their stable on a smallholding in Kingsbury, Warwickshire, yesterday evening.

One goat, which died as a result of its injuries, had been stabbed in the eye and had its horns hacked off.

The three other goats in the shed also suffered appalling injuries: one had both horns cut off and stab wounds around its neck and eyes, another had a gash round its neck and a third had a gash along its spine.

The animals’ owners realised there were intruders in one of their outbuildings after stabling the goats shortly before 10.30pm, last night, and made the gruesome discovery when they went to investigate.

Warwickshire Police said the three surviving goats were being treated by vets, and had not had to be put down.

A spokeswoman for the force said: ‘The owners are really shocked by what’s happened.

‘This was an absolutely horrific attack on defenceless animals. There can be excuse for anyone to treat an animal in this way, and we urgently need to hear from anyone who can help to trace who has done this.’

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