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Some press releases released first thing this morning – April 1st.
Looks the first one was done to get some publicity for the International Bristol Vegan Fayre (previously mentioned here and here) which I think they’ve succeeded in doing.

Via PR Web »

Super Vegetarian Sir Paul McCartney to Head Line-up of Vegan Stars to Play at the 5th International Bristol Vegan Fayre

The World’s most famous vegan, Ex Beatle Sir Paul McCartney (64) (sponsored by Red bull – gives you wings) is to headline a host of vegan stars (sponsored by supergreen vegetarian cosmetics company Lush) at the International ethical living festival at the 5th Bristol Vegan Fayre in the heart of Bristol on the 9th & 10th June. thanks to Harvey Goldsmith.

Bristol, UK (PRWEB) April 1, 2007 — The World’s most famous vegetarian, Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney (64) (sponsored by Red bull – gives you wings) is to sing “We all live in a yellow aubergine” and headline a host of vegan stars at the International ethical living festival at the 5th Bristol Vegan Fayre in the heart of Bristol on the 9th & 10th June.

Other well known veggie stars (sponsored by Supergreen Vegetarian Cosmetics company Lush Cosmetics ) include Coldplay’s Chris Martin singing sonny and cher number ” I got you babe” with his wife Gwyneth Paltrow, M People Heather Small singing the UK Olympic bid anthem, Moby performing with David Bowie performing a vegan version of ‘Old McDonalds had a Factory Farm’, Bryan Adams in a duet with vegan rock chick Avril Lavigne singing ‘Everything I do I do it for you’, and Annie Lennox and Morrisey performing a disco version of ‘Meat is Murder’. Legendary 80’s political reggae rockers The Beat will also be playing no doubt singing “Stand Down Tony!” rather than their massive early 80’s hit ‘Stand Down Margaret ‘(Thatcher).

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Next one is a news item/press release, again to promote the Briston Vegan Fayre, but serious this time »

UK Catering trade needs to wake up and smell the potential from Vegetarian & Vegan health food and whole food market
Date Released: 03/28/2007

Caterers, foodservice bosses and restaurateurs are still failing to seize opportunities and exploit the rising consumer trends and interest in ethically produced health foods. London nutrition and food consultants Foods for Life is urging the catering industry to attend a ethical living festival in Bristol to discover what’s happening at grass roots and get a taste of where the ethical health food and vegetarian / vegan wholefood market is heading.

Despite a wave of enthusiasm for healthier eating generated by TV programs such as Channel 4 Jamie’s Dinners, You Are What You Eat, BBC The Truth About Food, The Diet Doctors and Richard and Judy with The Food Doctor, caterers and foodservice are still failing to move forward fast enough say Foods for Life.

‘Mainstream restaurants will continue to lose their share of the available business unless they keep up with the supermarkets’ says Foods for Life nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston. ‘Vegetarian options although vastly improved are still lacking imagination, often full of saturated animal fat from cheese or dairy and too low in protein to be credibly classed as a healthy option’

Health food market analyst and writer Tony Bishop-Weston advises ‘It’s important that UK chefs get out of their kitchens and find out what’s going on in the big wide world outside. International events such as the Bristol Vegan Fayre offer invaluable opportunities for inspiration, sourcing new suppliers and ingredients and gaining a useful insight into where the healthy eating market is heading.’

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Finally this one is for Lush Cosmetics which looks like an April Fools but isn’t »

Super Green Vegetarian Cosmetics Company Lush to Donate All Takings to Charity

Vegetarian/vegan/green eco-pioneers of minimal packaging and purveyors of naked, fresh bathroom products and cosmetics company, Lush, are donating all takings from their new charity pot product to worthy projects and campaigning for a greener, more humane society.

London, United Kingdom (PRWEB) April 1, 2007 — It sounds like a cruel April Fool, falsely raising the hopes of NGOs fighting to save the environment and help with human and animal rights.

Giving away takings is, however, not an April Fool’s joke, but the latest mad plan from looney, green eco-pioneers and purveyors of naked, fresh bathroom products Lush Cosmetics, who now have stores in 46 countries.

Their latest madcap scheme, launched in April, is the world’s first ever ethical loss leader, where ALL the takings, not just the profit, from their new “Charity Pot” Lush-ious hand and body lotion product (retailing in their UK stores from April at £9.95) will go to good causes, such as projects protecting the environment and improving the lives of people and animals.

Lush founder Mark Constantine, who started off by making products for the Body Shop which is now owned by L’Oreal, says, “The hand and body lotion is one of the best and most popular products that we have ever made, so it is perfect for helping to multiply the money available in the kitty to give to green and humane causes. ”

Basically Lush customers donate all the money to the Charity Pot fund, (less the 17.5 percent VAT taken by UK chancellor Gordon Brown) and then get a free pot of the most luscious hand and body lotion they’ve ever had the joy of using.

Lush customers can’t lose — only Lush looses.

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One thought on “Press Releases

  • 4th April 2007 at 7:43 pm

    The Lush one is 100% true – they are launching a new hand and body lotion called charity pot. All the money apart from the VAT goes to ethical causes.

    Already LUSH have supported Animal Aid, Dr Hadwen, an Oranguvan, Animals in Beirut and a number of other ethical campaigns.

    They now carry the vegan society logo on all their vegan products – new website gets launched next month.

    They will also be at the Bristol Vegan Fayre.

    Sadly (despite what it says on and ) The line up is different to the Paul McCartney headed one.

    This was the best April fool but largely ignored


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